7 Struggles Only People Who LOVE Being Alone Will Understand

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Truths For People Who Love To Be Alone

You know the type, or maybe you are the type: the independent, free-spirited, 21st century career gal who is doing it for herself. There are too many reasons to count why this makes you awesome. Still, being so comfortable without companionship can have its drawbacks. Here are seven things people who love being alone know all too well.

1. Not everyone is going to understand you.

The whole point of life is to find people who complete us, who mesh with us, who help us escape from the harsh realities of everyday life, right? Wrong. At least, not always. There are plenty of people who, after a long day at work, decide they’re too tired to go out and would much rather enjoy peace and quiet at home. Those people, inevitably, are labeled “lame” or “buzzkill.”

On the flip side, so what? It’s your free time and you can do with it whatever you want. Plus, think of how well-rested you’ll look compared to your colleagues who spent the night doing tequila shots at that bar down the road that may or may not serve booze to high schoolers.


2. You need everything to be organized.

When you're constantly alone, you tend to spend a lot of time at home. If your sanctuary is cluttered, it's the equivalent of an atomic bomb going off inside your tender little psyche. You keep that place spotless.

And dirty, filthy apartments are disgusting. Get on your knees and scour, and let the calming scent of Clorox bleach rush over you. Tidiness is a virtue.


3. It gets expensive!

The fact that you're always on your own means (surprise!) you've got no one to help pay the bills. Whether it's groceries, rent, or putting gas in the tank, you, sister, are doin' it for yourself.

But never fear: You've got this. And if not, hopefully you have financially supportive parents/grandparents/godparents to help you out on occasion.


4. You start questioning if you'll be this way forever.

At what point do I become "normal"? Most of my friends have husbands or boyfriends that they actually live with. When will that become appealing to me? What if it never does? And if it doesn't, is that OK?

It's especially bad when you're a woman whose reproductive organs have an expiration date that's inching dreadfully closer. Speaking of which, do I even want children? That’s a whole other scary topic that I’d rather not think about.


5. People feel sorry for you (even if you don't feel sorry for yourself).

The biggest offenders here tend to be relatives: aunts, uncles, moms, dads — pretty much anyone old enough to remember when 30 was essentially considered "middle age."

But even though it might feel like it when you're browsing your happily entangled former classmates' Facebook feeds (stop doing that, by the way), you aren't a weirdo. Rest assured, there's a whole new generation of millenials going it alone.


6. You forget the purpose of doors.

So, when someone else is in my apartment I need to close the bathroom door to pee? Yeah, there's really no getting around this one.


7. You push people away without even realizing it.

Friendships can be strained because of your stubborn refusal to leave the comforting confines of your apartment. Relationships are hard to manage, since the thought of another person hogging your personal space makes you wince.

You have to be really conscious of how you come off to others, because your introspectiveness can be mistaken for meanness. Eventually, if you surround yourself with the right people and occasionally suck it up and engage in some social activities, you will find a friend or mate who not only accepts, but appreciates, your need for alone time.