Poop Peeps Are Officially The Reason For The Easter Season

Photo: Instagram
Poop Peeps Are Officially The Reason For The Easter Season

Easter is just around the corner, so why not celebrate with the "candy corn" of the holiday: Peeps? These aren't just any Peeps, though — these are poop Peeps. (No, they aren't made of actual poop.)

Created by the food blog, Nomageddon, they turned the classic Peep into your favorite emoji. And guess what? You can make them yourself.

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The poop Peeps are made from dyed brown sugar, cocoa powder, and marshmallow (made from scratch).

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Though there's a lot of prep involved, you get to literally pipe poop, so what could be better? Overall, the whole process seems easy ... unless you aren't exactly a cooking aficionado.

Sounds like a fun alternative to dying eggs. Plus, you can eat poop without vomiting profusely or dying from a bacterial infection.

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