Woman Reveals All The Filthy Stuff She Sees At A French Sex Sauna

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Man Reveals All The Filthy Stuff He Sees At A French Sauna

If you've ever been to France, especially Paris, you'll notice that the French people have a lot of style, and what appears to be a deep appreciation for beauty and decorum. 

The French just seem to do everything well — from the way they dress to the way they eat. But the French are human too, and can have sexually adventurous, sometimes risque, and even sordid desires as any of us. 

In an article on Vice, an anonymous worker of one of the sex saunas in Paris came clean about what really happens there, and it's not all steam heat and spa treatments. 

Clients go to the sex sauna to get hot and sweaty ... and release some sexual tension.

"In the sauna, we see people of all ages, although no one is under 18, of course. It's a very diverse mix of all social classes, religions, and backgrounds. Some people just come to the sauna to relax, but most of them come to have sex, watch people having sex, parade around naked, jerk off, or be jerked off," says the sauna worker.

There are some general rules to the sauna:

  1. Respect others.
  2. Learn to accept rejection.
  3. Ask before touching.
  4. Never cross anyone indicated by the women in the sauna or their partners.
  5. Always shower.
  6. Only touching, no sex in the Jacuzzi. (Note: no sex in the Jacuzzi, but everywhere else is OK and encouraged.)

As there are about ten men to every woman, competition is fierce. But luckily, most of the women enjoy gang bangs and being watched, so it all works out in the end. Besides gang bangs, there are S&M parties and candaulism (where a woman has sex with other men while her husband watches). It sounds a lot like the swinger lifestyle.

"I've witnessed so many incredible and sometimes sinister scenes. I've seen a lady well into her 60s being gang banged, while next to her a woman 40 years younger was sensually dancing naked, with the sole purpose to get the onlooking guys excited. All of that was happening while the husband of the elderly lady checked with a flashlight if the guys who were having sex with his wife were wearing a condom," the sauna worker said.

"I also discovered so many new things that I could never have imagined myself. I've seen a man wearing a kind of locked G-string, like a chastity belt. His wife had made him wear it because he had gone on a business trip for a week. That was one of the most perverse cases of domination I've seen. But it apparently worked, because the guy ended up in the sauna but couldn't take the chastity belt off."

Sounds like America could learn a thing or two from sexually liberated Europe.