So Apparently THIS Is Why Animals Have Sex With Corpses...

Photo: Evan Switzer.

If there's one thing I can't take, it's dead animals. If there's a dog in a movie and it looks to be in danger, I can't watch. I turn my head away from road kill, and if something happens to one of my pets I mourn for a really long time.

And now I have something to add to dead animals stressing me out: animals who have sex with dead animals.

Could there be anything more revolting and upsetting than seeing the heartbreaking photo of a kangaroo grieving for his dead wife, only to find out that he isn't clutching her out of heartbreak — he wants to get her lifeless body into position to mate with her?

In 2014, Japanese scientists observed three male sand martin birds having sex with a dead male bird of the same species, making them homosexual necrophiliac birds. The scientists recently published their findings in the journal Ornithological Science, saying, "We observed three sand martin Riparia riparia repeatedly attempting to copulate with a dead bird lying face down on the ground, with its wings spread and lowered... Based on subsequent dissection, the dead sand martin was identified as an adult male." 

According to an article on Broadly, it isn't just birds and kangaroos who have sex with their deceased brethren — there are reported sightings of lizards, ducks, frogs, penguins, and sea lions getting it on with a corpse.

When I Google animals having sex with dead animals, I get a ton of hits, which are all about humans having sex with dead animals, and is even more revolting than animal-on-animal necrophilia.

Here's a video of the sand martin trying to have sex with another dead sand martin: