30 Conflicting Things Every Savvy Woman Knows By The Time She's 30

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Things Every Savvy Woman Knows By Her 30s

As an almost 39-year-old, I LOVE giving advice to younger women. I mean, I get to hear myself talk. But I HATE giving advice. I mean, who the f*ck am I to say? So instead of one piece of advice , here's 30 pieces of live advice for making the most of yours 30s:

1. Be a competitor. / Don't compare.

2. Don't overdo it. / Indulge!

3. Save for a rainy day. / Treat yourself.

4. To thine ownself be true. / Fake it 'til you make it.

5. Aim higher. / Be grateful for what you have.

6. Be careful. / Risk it all.

7. Embrace routines. / Try new things.

8. Love everyone. / F*ck 'em all.

9. Take it easy. / Take the stairs.

10. Be thoughtful. / Don't over-think it.

11. Get your sleep. / You'll sleep when you're dead.

12. Find someone who shares your interests. / Opposites attract.

13. It's what's inside that counts. / Looks matter.

14. First impressions are everything. / Give second chances.

15. Keep it to yourself. / Speak your mind.

16. Care deeply. / Don't give a f*ck.

17. Don't get tied down. / Honor your commitments.

18. Express yourself. / Shut the f*ck up.

19. It's all good. / Everything sucks.

20. There's no place like home. / See the world!

21. Your body is a temple. / Order another round.

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22. Appreciate the little things. / Live large.

23. Read the classics. / Read whatever you want.

24. Mind your own business. / Offer your two cents.

25. Ask for advice. / Follow your instincts.

26. Be friendly. / Get angry.

27. Never forget. / Let it go.

28. Be kind. / Be a bad bitch.

29. Stay connected. / Disappear.

30. Embrace contradictions, especially your own.

And leave the lights on. You look marvelous.