The 3 Secrets To Being The Kind Of Woman A Guy COMMITS To 100%

Men commit to this type of woman more than any other type. Find out if you're this type.

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Did you ever let a guy get away with dating you for months at a time and yet the commitment talk never came up? Or you've been his girlfriend for six months and he hasn't said "I love you" or hinted at a future? What about the time you experienced the pain and heartache dating him on and off, allowing yourself to accept him back knowing that he wouldn't commit the way you wanted?

He said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. He's afraid to commit and won't settle down because he has commitment issues. He made it clear that he was not your boyfriend but you two are together in almost every other sense.


The truth is that men can and will commit to the RIGHT woman at the RIGHT time. All those reasons he gives you are excuses. You can be the woman he commits to. If you think he's the one and he doesn't know it, here's how you can inspire him to commit to you in a relationship that you're looking for.

1. Allow him to choose to commit to you.

All men are capable of commitment. We think certain types of men are just incapable of settling down and starting a family. But whether a man commits to you or not comes down to a decision he makes. Commitment is a choice that is not based on what type of men they are.


Take a look at George Clooney, for example. He was one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors for years but he eventually married the beautiful Amal Alamuddin. This proves that with the right woman men have no problem stepping up and declaring their commitment.

Everyone is capable of doing anything when they feel inspired or feel that it's necessary. And this includes commitment to you. If you are the right woman for him, he is happy and willing to commit to you whether it is calling you his girlfriend, moving in together, or getting married. When men choose to commit they understand implicitly that if they don't you could walk away.

But talking him into a relationship will make him lose attraction to you because he thinks you want him to fulfill an unmet emotional need or that he is only a placeholder in your life. Men want commitment to be their idea and to initiate it. He has to be convinced that it is his idea and his choice to enter into an exclusive relationship with you.

2. Be the woman he's looking for.


What kind of relationship inspires him to commit to you?

Maya Angelou nailed it when she said "People will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel." Men are looking for relationships with women who make them feel good about who they are.

  • You meet his needs and desires, and make him feel happy and fulfilled.
  • You're the woman who supports his dreams, laughs at his jokes, and asks about his day.
  • You genuinely care about who he is as a person and who he wants to be in the future.

This is the type of woman men are looking for. They commit to women who make them feel good. If that's you, he's going to want to stick around; every man evaluates a relationship based on how you make him feel. He needs to feel truly appreciated and have an authentic connection in order to be exclusive with you.

3. Be cool, be fun, and say, "Yes."


Have you heard of the "Yes" woman? She says yes to being more receptive and open to what her man has to offer to her. She says yes to his date ideas and plans without trying to change or criticize them. She's the cool woman who goes with the flow.

Every relationship starts by saying yes because it opens doors to opportunity and possibility. When you are in a healthy, balanced relationship, saying yes means being more accepting of his suggestions and date ideas.

I know you want to uphold your standards, so you let men know where they stand. You speak your mind and often say no to his plans. But by doing so, it signals to men that they are wrong, they have a bad plan, or they are not making you happy.

It is important to have your standards with a clear idea of how you want to be treated and what you will not accept, but if you make him feel wrong at every turn it doesn't make him feel good about himself. Remember that men are about how they feel when they are around you.


You have the option to go with the flow to make your relationship with him much more enjoyable. Say yes more often instead of trying to stand your ground and insert your opinion to get your way because you think it's better.

Men are very capable of commitment, but they want to be around women who make their lives more enjoyable and fun. When you become the woman who makes men feel good by genuinely taking interest in who they are and saying yes to go with the flow, you create a more enjoyable relationship. When you do this, you inspire men to want to stick around you forever.