What Your Zodiac Sign Has In Store For YOU This Week

Free horoscope for the week of March 20 - 26.

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It's officially Aries' birthday month! Find out what this week has in store for Aries and all the other signs with your weekly horoscope (and theme song!).

Aries: Bring on the birthday cake — and make it big and sweet just like your wishes for the year ahead. While you’re blowing out your candles throughout the coming month, your thoughts are focused on your love life more than ever.

The full moon on Wednesday has you feeling extra emotional. As independent as you are, you’re more than willing now to give a committed relationship your all. Be prepared for someone from your past to make an appearance. You'll know right away if it's worth giving the relationship another shot.


By the end of the week, you're really feeling yourself. Rock on!

Aries' weekly theme song: I Wanna Be Adored —The Stone Roses

Taurus: You start the week off feeling restless and ready for a change of scenery. Day trip if you can. If not, check out a new local spot with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. You'll cheer up in no time.


When the full moon hits on Wednesday, you'll notice a shift in your priorities. You’ve got to follow your gut. If a relationship has been slowly fizzling, you’ll know whether it’s time to up the passion or let 'em go. It might feel like a harsh move, but you need to make room for the things that'll work for you.

Your health is a priority, so make sure the weekend is full of exercise (and other fun ways to get your heart racing).

Taurus' weekly theme song: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You —Led Zeppelin

Gemini: Relationships have been your main focus lately. We’re not just talking Tinder — everything from your family, your squad and coworkers, too. Your inner socialite is living the dream. 


However, Wednesday's full moon brings you a moment to pause. It's a good thing! You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. It's time to get your priorities in order. 

As for love, a past fling may reappear only to have you tell them to disappear again. You’re playful flirty side is out this weekend, so let the old duds go to make room for the new studs.

Gemini's weekly theme song: Love Will Tear Us Apart —Joy Division

Cancer: You’ve been a busy bee lately! Normally not one for change, you’ve been getting a lot of it. Somehow though, it’s made you feel more grounded. Who knew you had it in you?


The full moon will help you slow down and recognize the difference between the lasting and fleeting elements in your life. When you’re this busy, you can’t give everyone 100% all the time. As much fun as all of this has been, what you really want is a meaningful lasting connection with one person in particular. As the weekend approaches, flaunt what you've got.

Cancer's weekly theme song: You Only Live Once —The Strokes

Leo: You're feeling focused, but you're still craving a little drama. Communication is going pretty well at the moment — be careful not to let Wednesday's full moon throw you off your game. It might bring up some drama for you, but it's nothing you can't handle. Just be aware of how you phrase things... You really don't want to upset anyone.


As the week goes on, get in touch with your creative side and clear your head. It's time to let go of the past. Do a little Spring cleaning — old clothing and stale relationships have no place in your life. As the weekend approaches, you'll see first hand that closing one door always opens another. 

Leo's weekly theme song: Dangerous —Big Data

Virgo: You're getting along famously with others this week, and the full moon is bringing your social side out even more. What you really want is one-on-one time and a deep conversation with someone special.


If you're feeling unappreciated by anyone, now's the time to let them know. You've recently had a strong of crappy experiences and you're over it. But we're happy to tell you it gets better. Someone who meets all of your heart's requirements is approaching. As critical as you can be of yourself, they will be quite the opposite. Think positive. You're headed into a sweet weekend, so open up your heart! 

Virgo's weekly theme song: First Day Of My Life —Bright Eyes

Libra: Your inbox is full of invitations,  and you shouldn’t turn down a single one. You don't want to get a case of FOMO this early in the week!


The full moon on Wednesday is shaking your scales, and it throws you off a bit. It's just a reminder that you need balance in your life. It's fine to go out and have fun, but remember to take some time for yourself asl well.

Libra's weekly theme song: Another Story —The Head & The Heart

Scorpio: People are looking to you for leadership and inspiration at the start of the week. Wednesday’s full moon shifts things for you though. You’re being pulled in way too many directions and it’s time for you to focus on yourself. Do you need a new diet? Exercise plan? Some solo time to chill out? Figure it out and get on it. By the weekend, you have a bit of a plan in place for yourself. 


Scorpio's weekly theme song: When Am I Going To Make A Living —Sade

Sagittarius: Inspiration strikes at the start of the week. You’re on fire! The full moon on Wednesday brings out some inner emotions you’ve been dodging. Looks like you’ve about had it with some people and situations — it's time to remove those things from your life. You know your inner strengths, and you know that when you’re free and clear of baggage you will attract new people who are more on your level.


Get out on Wednesday. Anyone you meet during the full moon might be the start of something lasting. Definitely circulate the night of the full moon, anyone you meet might be the start of something lasting.

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Heartbeat —Childish Gambino

Capricorn: Your inner child is out to play. Perhaps it’s the full moon on the 23rd making you question your relationship with work and pleasure. You're in need of more personal time and more connection with others. All work and no play makes you a super cranky Capricorn.


Start looking for a situation that better suits you and watch what happens when you open up to love. The weekend will be a nice one as long as you give in to your needs.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Come Alive —Chromeo (Feat. Toro Moi)

Aquarius: You start the week of in a shopping mood. It's a great way to ease the Monday blues, but maybe not so great for your wallet. You definitely might have reason to celebrate, but before you go buying rounds of champagne for everyone, make sure your bills are paid.


The full moon on Wednesday brings out a more solemn side in you. You're more focused on yourself instead of everyone else, but watch what this may do to you over the weekend. Focusing on yourself doesn’t mean acting like a diva. Keep it classy!

Aquarius' weekly theme song: Rollout —Ludacris

Pisces: You have a certain je ne sais quoi about you at the start of the week. Revel in it, because when the full moon hits you'll start feeling some stress. Don't worry, it's mostly about what you're giving to others, and that's easily controlled. If someone is being greedy or not contributing, maybe it’s time to pull back. 


Take time this weekend focusing on what (and who) fulfills you. And remind yourself: you’re worth it!

Aquarius' weekly theme song: I Summon You —Spoon