Ladies! If You Don't Have These 10 Sex Toys, You're Doing It Wrong

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If You Don't Have These 10 Sex Toys, You're Doing It Wrong

You probably have one trusty, old, well-worn vibe that does the trick. But any self-respecting pleasure enthusiast should have at least a couple of these 10 basics in their bedside toy chest. They’ll support you in both your quality alone time and your partner play.

Remember, the one who dies with the most toys wins!

1. Lube

If you have but one sex accessory, this should be it. Purpose-made lubricant gives you the most bang for your buck: it improves all handwork (especially for her), is essential for any backdoor play, and increases sensation and endurance during masturbation or intercourse. 

A water-based lube is great for any and all play; silicone lubes are a little thicker, handy for sex in the shower and anal play, just don’t use them with your silicone toys.

2. Vibrating Love Ring

Clitoral stimulation during intercourse?! Now that’s sex the way mother nature intended it! Love rings (aka penis rings, aka cock rings) run the gamut from low-end disposables to high-end, eco-friendly artworks

3. A Finger Toy

It straps onto one’s finger, turning it into a human vibrator—great for anyone of any sexual persuasion, but particularly nice for straight guys who might feel intimidated by or left out around sex toys. You can get a cute little ring or the iconic Fukuoku or JimmyJane’s impressive Hello Touch

4. An Undercover Toy

Perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t want to get caught red handed. Oh, this? It’s just a lipstick in my handbag. And this? It’s a fancy necklace. The classic is the vibrating I Rub My Duckie, great for immature bath-time fun. 

5. A Toy for your G-spot

Not all ladies like having their G-spot stimulated, but for those who do, a toy can be the best way to get at it. Look for toys with a built-in curve to hit the sweet spot.

6. A Toy for his G-spot

Yes, he has a G-spot, too, and toys specifically designed to go in his back door are a great way to stimulate it (especially if you’re squeamish about using your own finger).

Just remember: Never stick something up your bum that doesn’t have a flared base, otherwise it may get lost up there.

7.  A Rabbit

Perfect for your “me time.” Just steer clear of cheapie knockoffs, which can be toxic—the elastomer version made by Vibratex, LELO’s Ina 2, and Jimmy Jane’s Iconic Rabbit are a few of the best. 

8. A Blindfold

Because everything feels naughtier when one of you can’t see. Your other senses are heightened, your anticipation is raised, and the sexual tension is tightened. Up the kink factor with a matching set of made-for-play cuffs. 

9. A “Back Massager”

The classic “Cadillac of vibrators” is the Magic Wand, originally made by Hitachi, which has helped many of anorgasmic women finally reach their happy place. LELO makes a more aesthetically pleasing version, if style is a priority. Use a wand as a sex toy when you’re alone, and as a back massager with your guy, lest you give him an inferiority complex (it’s power is unparalleled).

10. Remote Control Toys

These fun toys put the control of your genitals in your or your partner’s hands, literally. LELO makes a line of remote control toys that can work from across a crowded room, a candlelit restaurant table, or just your bed.

This article was originally published at Em & Lo. Reprinted with permission from the author.