Why Your Partner Blames YOU For Their Own Damn Problems


mean to people we love youtube

The world is constantly mean to us.

At least that's what this video, by School of Life says. And anyone who's been in a happy relationship knows where all the stress and frustration from living in this cruel, unfair world goes:

Our partners.

Yes, the people we love the most have to deal with the worst parts of ourselves.

Even though it makes no sense. 

But it does make sense. Because our partners are the people we feel most connected to, the ones who bring us the most joy and comfort, We start to "exaggerate their powers" and expect them to be able to fix things they simply cannot fix.


"We can tell any stranger something reasonable and polite," they explain. "But only in the presence of someone we really trust can we dare be properly irrational and truly unkind."

But is this pattern of taking out our stress inevitable?


In fact, part of having a healthy, lasting relationship is learning to circumvent those child-like instincts to take all of our misery out on the person who loves us most. 


Take a deep breath, watch this video, and choose to do something different. Like, you know, be extra sweet to the person who is sweet to YOU.