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8 Scientific Reasons The Healthiest Women Sport FULL Bushes

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Reasons To Sport A FULL Bush

We go through our adolescent years desperate for those formative signs of womanhood, like pubic hair. And then as soon as we have it, we start shaving it off.

While there are many reasons why we love to wax or shave down there, there are also some really serious reasons we should consider keeping what the universe gave us. Here's why you should consider leaving your pubic hair intact.

1. Pubic hair is to the vagina what eyelashes are to the eyes. 

"It's the body's way of attempting to protect a sensitive area by creating an extra barrier," says Marina Klimasiewfski, a nurse practitioner. "This trait was probably especially useful before running water and daily showers became a norm."

2. It keeps the germs at bay.

"It may help to protect you from lingering germs in the area, but it doesn't prevent STDs," says Klimasiewfski.

3. It prevents the risk of infection.

"Removing the hair, especially by shaving, can actually increase the risk for infection, and is a frequent cause for infected cysts in the area," says Klimasiewfski.

4. It lessens friction from sexual contact.

Our pubic hair is natural protection against the friction of getting it on. Bet you experience chaffing if having sex with a fully shaven vagina, right?

5. Your skin isn't susceptible to skin issues.

Just like shaving can lead to irritation on your legs, removing your pubic hair can do the same in your more sensitive areas. This can lead to open wounds, sores and uncomfortable, irritated skin.

6. Pubic hair contains sex pheromones.

There's a strong belief that pubic hair contains pheromones, which is given off from your vagina while you sweat or grow excited. That scent is what attracts us to each other. Get rid of the hair, get rid of the benefits. 

7. You can hide your sagging vaginal lips.

You know how our boobs sag as we get older? That's not the only thing that does. In fact, your vagina sags as you age, and your hair helps to hide the evidence.

8. It saves you serious cash.

With the added cost of waxing, laser hair removal appointments, razors and more, you'll save a ton of money by keeping what the universe gave you. Not to mention the time expense of having to do all these things.