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Happy Leap Day! What YOU Should Do With The Extra Day, Per Your Sign

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It's a leap year! It only happens once every four years, so be sure to make this extra day count. Find out exactly what to expect today with your free daily horoscope for Monday, February 29.

Pisces: In between all the birthday cake and cocktails, you need to make some time to get back in touch with yourself. We all know you like a good party, but you also really need some down time. This Monday is a great day to hide out, work out and just chill.

Aries: You're feeling pretty amorous for a Monday. Find a way to balance your career drive and your heart's desires. Just dress for all possible occasions, because you never know where the day (and night) will bring you.

Taurus: Whether it's with family or close friends, tonight is perfect for a group game night or movie night. If you can’t meet up in person, a group chat or some Words with Friends will do! You’re all about team spirit today — this is true at home and at work, so get ready to kill it in any team meetings you have scheduled.

Gemini: You want to get up and go and it's because you sense an awesome opportunity in the air. Of course, if it's meant to be, it will come to you — but there’s nothing wrong with propping the door open and heading in that direction.

Cancer: For you, this Monday is all about the money. Buy a lotto ticket, look over your budget or investments, search for a new job or even just a side gig to help pay the bills. You've got a green thumb today — make that money tree grow.

Leo: You might be on the run for work today, but what you really want is a real romantic getaway. Use this adventurous energy to plan your next voyage with your bae. They'll appreciate the gesture.

Virgo: It's all about deep connections today. You’re looking to get intimate and deep. Meeting with someone for an in-depth conversation is exactly what you need. You just definitely can't be bothered with small talk today.

Libra: Today is a beautiful day to heal anything that's been bothering you. Any drama with your friends or your partner can be easily erased today, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Scorpio: You wake up feeling lucky this Monday morning, and you are lucky. You’re faced with nothing but great health, great wealth and just all around positive vibes. What could beat that?

Sagittarius: You’re really feeling the passion today. Passion for work, for love and for life. Just try to channel that energy in a productive way or you'll end up gushing to no avail all day.

Capricorn: You’re trying to improve your health. This is a great week for trying something new: a new workout, new vitamins, new diet.. whatever it is you think you need. Chances are anything you start now will have staying power.

Aquarius: You’re work has you traveling today. If you’re not globetrotting, you have some errands to run outside of the office. You’re looking forward to it — Mondays are a drag and you enjoy the change of scenery.