What Tonight's Full Moon Means For YOU, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Free daily horoscope for Monday, February 22.

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It's always hard to get back on the grind after a relaxing, fun weekend. Check in with your Monday horoscope to find out how to make this Monday a little bit easier to ease into.

Pisces: What better way to start your birthday month than with a full moon? Tonight, you want to tear down any walls and get closer to a certain someone. This isn't a casual date — expect things to get real.

Aries: You're hunkering down on this Monday. It’s time to get serious about your personal goals. With your determination, you know once you decide on something it’s basically written in stone.


Taurus: Tonight’s full moon has you moonstruck, and love is in the air. Something about tonight has you blurting out your deepest feelings — cue the puppy dog eyes and pink hearts! Don't worry, feeling’s mutual.

Gemini: Tonight's full moon is bringing out your emotional side. You're in the mood to stay home surrounded by close family and friends. Finding the perfect home vs. work  balance is what's important to you today.

Cancer: Express yourself, Cancer! This full moon is bringing you out of your shell in a beautiful, artistic way. No holding back — it’s a good night to shine.

Leo: You woke up feeling happy and content, and ready to release all of the extra stuff in your life that you don’t really need. Get started on your Spring cleaning, but just focus on the basics for now. You will figure out the rest in time.


Virgo: Tonight, spend time looking inward. This full moon is all about addressing your innermost desires and having the confidence to pursue what you want. You can’t bottle it up anymore! It’s time to go for it.

Libra: You need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. It needs rest and you shouldn’t deny it. Sounds like yoga is the perfect decision today, or any way you can get out and enjoy nature.

Scorpio: The full moon has you totally gushing over your friends. You’re recognizing those closest to you and showing them the love they deserve for always being there for you. They’ll love the appreciation.

Sagittarius: Get your arrow out, because you are ready to take aim. The full moon is making your desire for success stronger than ever and you’re ready to oblige. Dream and do!


Capricorn: This full moon gives you a shot of courage. You know you need to try a different route because the same old ways aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s a great night to figure out your next new steps.

Aquarius: We know it sounds boring, but your main focus tonight should be your finances. You need to balance your checkbook, check in with your banking app or whatever it is you do to make sure you don’t land in the red. Once you do that, you can look lovingly into bae’s eyes under the moonlight.