7 Legit Reasons Co-Workers Make The BEST Friends

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Besides your immediate family, your co-workers are probably the only other set of people who see you on a daily basis... well, Monday through Friday anyway. Here's why you have the best friendships with your co-workers:

1. You have very similar schedules.

One of the cool things about the people you work with is that they're usually on a similar schedule as you. That means you can grab a coffee together, have lunch together, or even hit up your favorite watering hole for happy hour together.


This is such a plus for those who love company. You know your "other" friends are busy at their jobs, so just grab a co-worker to hang with you. And all those extra moments breaking bread together help strengthen the friendship bond.


2. You understand what the other goes through every day.


If you've ever come home after a bad day at work and tried venting to your significant other, he or she will probably listen to you complain, but they don't get it. Your co-workers, on the other hand, are the people who do. They walk in your shoes every single day. They know how hard and stressful your job is. They're working at the same place doing the same thing. They feel your pain.

3. You deal with the same annoying people.

Every workplace has at least one person who just excels at getting under people's skin. For some workplaces, it might be the customers who annoy the crap out of you. Either way, when you have a buddy there to experience it with, and perhaps crack the occasional joke with, it makes your job not seem so daunting.



4. You're with each other for hours a day.

You probably spend more time with your co-workers during the week than you do with your own family and friends. All those hours and hours really add up. Between those OMG moments in the office to events that might be more significant, you get to experience it all together.

5. You share a common passion for your field of work.

If you're fortunate enough to be involved in a field of work that you truly enjoy, then it doesn't really feel like you're working. Add some people who also share that passion and line of work with you, and you've got yourself something truly special.

The right co-workers can make your life so much easier, and when you're all doing the things that you enjoy together, it brings you closer to becoming the best of friends.



6. You have all day entertainment right at your fingertips.

You know that you and your co-workers have made it as besties when you entertain each other during the day. The daily jokes and small gestures of kindness can really help the hours fly by, besides helping you cope with cranky customers and bitchy bosses. And sadly, when you find that your work BFF isn't there for the day, the hours completely DRAG.


7. You become more productive because of them.

Having co-workers that are your friends actually makes you more productive at work. Believe it or not, studies have shown that when you have work-related friendships, you want to do more than impress just the customers  you actually don't want to let your friends down.

And better friendships in the workplace also means that you're more likely to stay with a company than if you didn't have those besties to lean on. Tell that to your boss next time he gives you a hard time for chatting too much around the water cooler.