6 Inspiring Quotes From BADA$$ Female Scientist Marie Curie

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woman scientist

Chances are, you've never heard of Marie Curie. Honestly until writing this article, I hadn't either. That's something the International Day of Women and Girls in Science hopes to change. 

Growing up, we learn about Edison and Einstein and all the other larger-than-life male scientists that made HUGE contributions to our quality of life (thanks for the light bulb, it's dope). 

But what about the ladies?!

Though women were — and continue to be — largely kept out of the scientific profession, they still managed to break through the barriers and discover some awesome stuff. Our girl, Marie Curie, was not only the first woman to be a professor of general physics, but also won the Nobel Prize in 1911 for discovering radium and polonium. Where was THAT in our history books? 

So in honor of celebrating today's badass lady scientists, let's remember some wise words with quotes from one of the first: 

When we need to believe in ourselves.

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When we need to face our fears.

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When life gets hard.

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When we seriously need to get outside.

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When people don't notice your hard work.

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When we need to stop focusing on other people.

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