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8 Female Entrepreneurs Making The World A Better, Safer Place For All Women

female entrepreneurs with new inventions for women

Female entrepreneurs are hardly a new thing. For years, women have taken their ideas out into the business world hoping to change the world one innovation at a time. 

You're probably familiar with a few of them, like Yahoo's Marissa Mayer or Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg. But there are many other lesser-known women who continually bring fresh ideas to the table, especially ones that will benefit other women.

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These women have ignored the status quo and obstacles presented to them and persevered regardless. They're also seeking to make our world a better, safer place for all females.

Here are some female entrepreneurs who are out to make a difference in the world with their badass inventions and rocking the business world while they're at it.

1. Kristi Grigsby

Kristi Grigsby is the author and founder of STEM Girls Books. Her company's purpose is to bring more resources to girls who are interested in math and science. Kristi is a successful marketing executive who also has a passion for children's books as well as being a mother to two young girls. She was inspired to create this company after discovering how little resources there were for young girls who were interested in STEM.

The company officially launched in January 2017 and three books have already been published. The coolest part of this invention is that it lets girls have accessibility to these learning tools at a very young age. The picture books are designed for girls starting at ages 3-8 and allow them to discover more about their curiosity towards these subjects while encouraging them to take these opportunities and careers later in their lives. Kristi is definitely making sure that the little ones dream big!

2. Whitney Wolfe

Everyone's familiar with Tinder, but you may not be as familiar with Bumble. While you may think it's just yet another online dating site, it's much more than that. Bumble stands out from all the other dating sites that are around because its approach to online dating is completely different. Bumble's founder, Whitney Wolfe, wanted to create an online dating site where women call the shots. Since it launched, its become known for its feminist way of approaching online dating. Bumble is a safe space where women always make the first move. Whitney wanted to make sure women could still engage in online dating if they wanted to while feeling safe and empowered doing it. In a nutshell, Bumble is an online dating site made by a woman for women. 

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3. Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo

These two women created Revolar. Revolar is a tech company that sells personal safety devices that let your loved ones know where you are with just the click of a button. Co-founder Jacqueline Ros's sister was a victim of sexual assault and she wanted to create something that would make her sister (and all women!) feel safe when they're alone or caught in uncomfortable situations.

The device is subtle and simple to use — press it once and your contact list is notified that you've arrived at your location safely and if you press it twice, your phone will ring until you answer it and GPS tracking will let your contact list know exactly where you are. Revolar seeks to create a safer world and make women feel safer through technology.

4. Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean

Somewhere along the line in our modern society, the phrase "having it all" came up and with it came the idea that obtaining this lifestyle is easy (or possible at all with our busy schedules). Well, Werk offers a solution to this problem. Co-founders Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean wanted women to be able to have children and continue their careers, but without all the pressure that the modern workforce has put on them. It sounds like a pretty perfect idea and it's all possible through one simple word: flexibility. As mothers and businesswomen, they knew how crazy managing our lives can get and knew that the solution was to find a way to keep our schedules sane and successful at the same time.

Werk helps women with finding jobs that will further their careers while still being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Basically, Anna and Annie are pretty much a couple of badass modern superheroes.

5. Natalia Oberti Noguera

If reading about all of this is getting your creative side flowing and making you want to start up your own business, then Natalia Oberti Noguera has got your back. Her company, Pipeline Angels, is catered specifically to foster the talents of budding entrepreneurs. The company helps female and non-binary entrepreneurs with investment opportunities and creating capital. They even offer a boot camp to help new investors become educated on investing and even connect with a mentor. Ok, signing up now!

6. Stella Mateo

Public transportation can feel very unsafe sometimes and lately, even car services have been making us question whether we can ever really depend on a safe mode of transportation if we don't have our own car. That's exactly the reason why Stella Mateo devised a women-only taxi service. Her company, SheTaxis, is the only car service in the country made specifically for women. Every SheTaxi driver is a woman.

Stella's priority was to make sure that women could always have a safe and trustworthy mode of transportation. She also wanted to create more representation for women within the taxi industry. And in case you weren't already aware of the company's passion for female empowerment, just take a look at their motto: SheTaxis: Women For Women.

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