11 Reasons Guys Who Love Dogs Make The BEST Husbands

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hot guy dog

Yes, dogs are man's best friend. But they should be you're best friend, too, because they've prepared their owners for being the most amazing husbands ever. So it you're looking for love, you should definitely look for a guy who loves dogs for these reasons.

They know how to snuggle.

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pete wentz snuggling with dog

You may think guys who have dogs are all "macho men" - but they're also used to curling up with their pets, so they've have practice for snuggling with you. Not to mention how hot they look when they're with their dog!

They are thoughtful and considerate.

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walking dog in snow

These men know how to think of someone other than themselves. After all, they've probably gotten many colds from having to walk their furry friend in all types of horrible weather. Just think of how thoughtful and considerate of you he'll be!

Commitment doesn't scare them away.

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john legend marrying his dogs

They know that having a pet dog is not something you take on lightly. So when the time comes to talk about your future and commitment, you won't have to worry about them running away.

They are loyal.

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scratching dog back

If you scratch the back of a guy who loves a dog, he will scratch yours. And they'll be fiercely loyal to you, just like their furry counter-parts.

Dog owners are happier people.

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happier with dogs

You read that right: science says having a pet dog can help battle depression, relieve stress and provide emotional support. Who does not want a guy who tends to be happier?

They have great practice at being dads.

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jimmy fallon with puppies

They love their dogs like children. Seeing how they handle their pets is a perfect way to see how they'll be with any children you might have in the future.

They are patient.

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dog fetch beer

Think about it: guys who love dogs have had to wait patiently for their pets to learn to be house trained, play dead or fetch them a bottle of beer. So they won't feel the need to nag you if you need an extra 5 minutes to finish your make-up.

They are responsible.

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washing the dog

Having a dog is not all playing around. They have to be walked and taken to the vet and bathed. They are not the type of men who are likely to forget about your birthday. Dog guys are the type of man you can depend on.

Dog lover are playful.

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playing with dog

Having a dog means that sometimes it's time to throw a ball around or jump on some pillows and just let loose. With a dog man, you can be sure of a good time.

They know how to share.

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shaggy and scooby share food

If you want to share his dessert or sneak onto his side of the bed, he won't mind. He's used to having to share his lap, his bed, his house and even his food with his loving and loyal companion. 

They are sensitive and not afraid to be emotional.

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jon snow and his dog

Guys who love dogs are not afraid to show how much they love their pets, so they're not afraid to really feel love. They are caring and loving and will be more than happy to share that love and sensitivity with you.