6 Things You MUST Know About Falling In Love With A Virgin

As written by a virgin.

6 Things You MUST Know About Falling In Love With A Virgin weheartit

Let me start this off by saying we bear no grudges to those who are not virgins.

It seems, however, that the world judges us for our choice to wait for sex, which seems highly unfair.

There is nothing wrong with being a virgin — I'll repeat: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A VIRGIN.

So let's clear some things up about making the choice to wait:

1. We are not naive.

Our decision has nothing to do with being scared of intimacy or not knowing what to do. We know what sex is-we do not live under a rock. We just choose to wait for someone who wants to spend the rest of their lives with us before we share a piece of our souls through becoming one.


2. You can’t change our minds about this.

No, I am not the only one who is waiting. Plenty of people have chosen to wait-including some famous celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Kevin Jonas and Adriana Lima. 

3. We’re not all Evangelical Christians.

Christians are not the only religion to believe in waiting for marriage (hello Judaism, to name just one) and there are some people who might not practice any religion and still believe in waiting. So please just leave that stereotype behind. It doesn't matter what our reason is, it's something we believe in and that should be good enough.

4. Virginity can be totally romantic.


We are waiting to share that special moment with someone we love completely and who loves us the same way. And when the moment comes, there will only be one person on our minds. There won't be some other person in the back of our minds whom we compare you to. The moment will be special and magical, only about the two people who've chosen to share it.

5. We are patient.

We have been waiting our whole lives to find the person we are truly meant to be with. We know that waiting for something can sometimes bring along the most perfect thing.


6. If you don’t respect our decision to wait, you’re out.

We are not here to judge you or anyone else that is not a virgin. The only thing we will judge you on is your ability to respect our decision. That means going out of your way sometimes, so as to not make us uncomfortable. And yes, that means if you date us you will have to wait along with us. But I promise, we are definitely worth the wait.