The Really Weird Reason More Women Are Becoming Born-Again Virgins

Hey, it does have its perks.

The Weird Reason More Women Are Becoming Born-Again Virgins Butsaya / Shutterstock

We've heard about born-again Christians, though we may not be completely aware of born-again virgins. People often become born-again Christians because of the need for emotional and spiritual connection, but can the same idea be applied to virginity?

How can we gain our virginity back once we've physically lost it, especially women? Just to be clear, born-again virgins "have had sex before; they vow to abstain from intercourse until marriage," says


In fact, "born-again is a term that has meaning in the context of evangelical Christianity. To be 'born-again' means one has had a conversion experience and has accepted Jesus into one's life," explains professor of religion and culture, and women's studies, Pamela Dickey Young, of Queen's University.

She told "'Born-again virgin' is a term that's sometimes coined to talk about reclaiming one's virginity (as a religious good) after one has 'technically' lost it (i.e., after one has had experience of sexual intercourse). Although men sometimes claim born-again virginity, too, it's largely young women who make such claims," Dickey Young said.


So why would we want to be virgins again? For one, choosing to be a born-again virgin "keeps people accountable for their own actions," Dickey Young explains. There's a respect and responsibility one can gain from choosing to be a born-again virgin.

Dickey Young seems to suggest that born-again virgins stay virgins because of the fear of being called out if they slip up. She says, "A public naming of one's intentions often does create accountability." If you tell the world that you're a virgin again, you'll be watched because there's always someone who's ready to point out your mistakes.

But being a born-again virgin can be liberating for both the mind and the body. Not only can you concentrate on aspects of your life that need improvement, or more attention, but you're also freed from the pressures to have sex.

If this pressure is taken off of you, you can focus on truly developing your relationships so you and your partner are emotionally connected. Once that emotional connection is there, when it's time to have sex again it'll be extremely intimate on a whole other level.