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Which Superhero Should Be Your Valentine, Based On Your Horoscope

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the flash

Valentine's Day is coming up, and we've got romance on the brain. What's more romantic than a strong, selfless superhero sweeping you off your feet? Check in with your free daily horoscope to find out which super hunk is meant to be yours.

Aquarius: You have TONS of great ideas brewing today. You’re cranking things out while also keeping your budget happy. Teach us your ways!

Aquarius' superhero Valentine: Professor X

Pisces: Looks like you’re the popular kid on the block today. Everyone wants to join your squad. You’re totally okay with this — the more the merrier.

Pisces' superhero Valentine: Aquaman

Aries: You’re enjoying the material pleasures of life, and you want to ensure you always can. There are definite opportunities today to push your financial agenda forward. Use ‘em or lose ‘em (and we know you don’t like losing).

Aries' superhero Valentine: Captain America

Taurus: You have a way with words today. Opponents don’t stand a chance, but maybe you need to give them one. It takes two, and you know they might actually be worth the risk.

Taurus' superhero Valentine: The Green Lantern

Gemini: Take your bestie to lunch or get some takeout with your bae. It’s a good day for you to bond big time. Just be sure to stay positive in all your conversations.

Gemini's superhero Valentine: Zan of The Wonder Twins

Cancer: You’re all hearts and happy thoughts today. A last minute change of plans actually works out for the best. Go with the flow and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Cancer's superhero Valentine: The Flash

Leo: Inspiration is hitting you hard. So many changes and ideas — and so little time! Keep track of all of your thoughts, because some of them are money makers. Cha-ching!

Leo's superhero Valentine: Spiderman

Virgo: You’re a free spirit right now and because you are so accepting of others, you will find they are supportive of you. Now’s your chance to reach for those big dreams; you have all the support you need to make them come true.

Virgo's superhero Valentine: Batman

Libra: When you feel this good, you’re bound to draw good things toward you. You have some great things simmering and you’ll find that some people want to join you. Give ‘em what you got — you’ll all profit.

Libra's superhero Valentine: Superman

Scorpio: If anyone can make things happen, it’s you. Between your persuasive charm and serious drive, you’re making all the right connections and deepening existing ones. You make it all work.

Scorpio's superhero Valentine: Iron Man

Sagittarius: You have been feeling the good vibrations for a while. Part of that is your success in sticking to those resolutions. You’re well on your way to making all the changes you wanted, so don’t quit now! It will get easier and you WILL feel better.

Sagittarius' superhero Valentine: Thor

Capricorn: Doors keep opening for you. You know the career moves to take, but don’t forget to open your heart to love before those doors close. They won’t wait around forever.

Capricorn's superhero Valentine: Deadpool