Stop Everything Because This Pizza Pouch Is EVERYTHING YOU NEED

Some people really, REALLY like pizza.

pizza pouch time

Everybody loves pizza, but some people are absolutely insane about it. There are those people who love pizza so much that they'll travel around looking for the best slice. And, of course, almost everybody has their own opinion on where to get the best slice, whether it's deep dish in Chicago or thin slice in New York. 

Many people express their pizza obsession by eating it often or buying silly pizza items like pizza-scented soap, pizza clocks and pizza sleeping bags. But the most ridiculous expression of pizza fanaticism is the pizza pouch.


Pizza pouches are for the pizza fan who needs to know where their next slice is coming from.

Photo: ​Stupidiotic

The pizza pouch is a specially designed, portable and durable zip-lock pizza slice device with a neck-strap. You can carry a slice of pizza in your hand and wear a backup slice around your neck while boldly showing off your good taste in toppings. The pepperoni really pops when encased in plastic.


It's a fashion statement that says, "I don't care how stupid I look with a slice of pizza around my neck." 

When you're sporting the pizza pouch, you've already made peace with the fact that you're probably not going to be getting lucky any time soon with another human being. You will, however, be getting lucky with a piece of cheesy, crusty goodness.

Best of all, the only person you'll need to tip is yourself.