Yay Or Nay? Pizza Hut To Create Pizza With A Hot Dog Crust (!!!!!)


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Some people are Team Crust and others are Team No Crust. Honestly, I'm one of those people who like to eat the cheese and sauce, but leaves the crust behind. It's wasteful and bad. I admit it.

But Pizza Hut is about to do something that will make me eat every last bit of their pizza.

The company will start offering Hot Dog Bites Pizza with a side of mustard on June 18. They've already had this on their menu in other countries like Korea, but with fewer hot dogs. America will have pizza with 28 of them.



I guess in America you either go big or go home.

This isn't the first time Pizza Hut has gotten experimental with their crust. Last year they offered Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Ginger Boom Boom and Get Curried Away crusts.

Below is a Korean commercial for the hot dog pizza:



Pizza Hut is also making some other exciting changes — an "Uber-like" tracking system where customers can see how far away their driver is beacuse we all know how excruciating it can be not knowing how much longer your pizza will take. #thestruggleisreal