Entire Internet Stares In Disbelief At Model Shaun Ross' GIANT Penis

Photo: YouTube
shaun ross penis

If you don't know Shaun Ross, after today, you certainly will never forget him.

The model, who was discovered on YouTube and has since been featured in dozens of magazines and worked for huge fashion houses like Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, can now add "broke the internet" to his resume — thanks to his NSFW appearance in a new music video by Los Angeles-based band BRÅVES.

It's not just that Shaun is fully nude. It's that his penis is, well, enormous. Like insanely large.


Could that thing be real? According to TMZ, the penis is actually a prosthetic that covers the model's real penis. Sorry, new admirers! (And good news, Bieber! You're still the reigning celeb penis king!)

Here's the full video. (Just fast-forward to the end to check out the sizeable, yet pretend, package:

Ross also made an interesting statement on his Instagram saying, "If Kim k. can break the Internet why not be a genius too."

It's not Shaun's first time stripping down. He's using his celebrity to share his experiences with being bullied for being albino. He is part of "The What's Underneath Project," which promotes self-acceptance. Here's the video he made from them (and our first clue that his manhood isn't really monstrous):