If Your Cat Could Text, Here's 12 HYSTERICAL Messages They'd Send

Photo: Texts From Mittens
If Your Cat Could Text, Here's 12 Messages They'd Send

You know that your cat has a lot to say. Maybe they're like my cat, Yoshi, and they yowl when you're trying to sleep, when they need some attention, or when they're concerned that you may have forgotten their dinner.

Cats communicate in many different ways; among them are the meow, the purr, the trill, the growl, the chatter, the hiss, the yowl, and the burble, just to name a few. But now, cats are adding texting to their communication repertoire.

The most famous of cat-texters is Mittens, who not only has his own site, Texts From Mittens, but a book as well, entitled Texts From Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan... and Isn't Afraid to Use ItMittens has many of the same concerns that most cats have, and his human, writer Angie Bailey, handles them patiently.

Here are some texts from Mittens, a truly text-savvy kitty.

1. He's ready to grace everyone with his presence.

2. Oh, Mittens. Always keeping it real.

3. He also loves using hashtags.

4. And he's a born negotiator.

5. I'm sure Mittens would make a great matchmaker.

6. Jeez, he's just trying to bond with you.

7. What did we tell you about Mittens being a great negotiator?

8. Just like humans, he has real fears.

9. He's a secret stickler for boxes and cardboard.

10. And he sure knows how to express his gratitude.

11. What cat wouldn't want more food?

12. And just like the rest of us, he's disappointed when there's no party cave.

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