You Can Now Buy A Mermaid-Themed Dildo. Yes, Really.

Photo: Etsy
mermaid dildo

In this day and age, people are becoming more open to flaunting their sexuality, some a bit more than others. Sex shops that sell adult toys are no longer these obscure "specialty" little stores that only a select few know about. Now, they are everywhere, even online.

Tails and Portholes is a sex shop on the popular online marketplace Etsy. Created by Brandie Harris, the shop specializes in silicone dildos. But, what makes her shop stand out from all the others is that her products have a unique twist: they are mermaid-themed.

CNBC reported in 2011 that the sex toy industry was booming at a $15 billion dollar revenue. The release of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" only kept it booming. So, is it really a surprise that new entrepreneurs would like to enter this kind of business? 

In an interview with Daze, Harris explained that she previously worked at a sex store, so she had an idea about the types of product are popular with customers. 

But, Harris also recommends knowing the customer, so glass dildos work well for women with lubrication issues, and wooden dildos for the artsy women. She chose silicone as the main material because they are "non porous and hypo-allergenic, and you get a nice squish."

Each dildo costs $55, and can be custom-made, according to her shop. And, yes, she hand makes these products herself, meaning that she uses a live model for the casting.

If you're a local mermaid or have a mermaid obsession, this is the sex toy for you. Just look at how colorful and pretty they are!




In addition to Etsy, Harris also has a Twitter and Tumblr account to market her colorful wares. She also plans to expand her business beyond dildos.

“I’d really like to move into male masturbators and packers for trans people," she said to Daze. "I’ve got a really good idea in mind for a mermaid-themed packer, actually."

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