12 Tweets That Basically Sum Up The HILARITY Of Married Life

Photo: Twitter.com/londonsma
Tweets That Basically Sum Up The HILARITY Of Married Life

Every marriage is different, and while you may think you know what marriage looks like, you may be surprised — even if you're married yourself.

These tweets show the funny and sometimes cranky sides of married life. For better or for worse, here's an unfiltered glimpse inside the world of marriage.

1. Reverse psychology works every time.

2. Wives always know where those socks are hiding.

3. Sometimes it's just easier for wives to cook.

4. It's all fun and games until the cat takes a sh*t.

5. Husbands know how to avoid laundry as long as possible.

6. Marriage is a back-and-forth of deciding what to do on weekends.

7. Laziness is at the root of "til death do us part."

8. There are only two options when fighting over the comforter.

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9. Get used to checking things multiple times.

10. Marriage is nothing without a little healthy competition.

11. Frozen is the #1 marriage destroyer.

12. Things you do during sex sometimes get confused with every day conversation.