8 Women Reveal What Having Sex After Baby REALLY Feels Like

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What Having Sex Is Like After Having A Baby

We're all about the miracle of life, but it sure takes some hard work to get there. And once we do, what does it say for our sex life to follow? These nine women anonymously share the stories of the first time they had sex after pregnancy and delivering their child, and when you hear their tales, you'll wonder how the next baby ever happened.

1. "There were nerves everywhere ... except where I wanted them."

"One word: terrifying. I was so terrified and consumed the entire time that he would notice a difference, and it would just feel strange to both of us. I gave birth to my eight-pound son and until you do all the frightening post-partum reading, you really have no idea how much stretching goes on down there. Long live Kegel exercises!"

2. "Getting back into the groove was difficult and painful."

"It felt like the first time. I'm not sure if it was because I was totally tensed up, dryer from breastfeeding, or just out of practice, but it definitely wasn't fabulous for the first few minutes. It was actually painful when it had never been so before. I needed to relax and remember to breathe. And I had to remember that it was supposed to be enjoyable, not a form of torture. After a few minutes it went back to normal."

3. "Any slight twists caused me to wince."

"After having a C-section, you learn (many weeks later) just how many abdominal muscles you use when you're having sex. Any slight twists, turns, giggles, or deep breaths cause you to wince, and there's nothing sexy about that. That being said, by three months you feel pretty good. And if you're breastfeeding, the giant, buoyant boobs are pretty exciting for all parties."

4. "Sometimes the thrill is gone, and that's OK."

"I had three C-sections and although the doctors tell you not to have 'intimate relations' afterward for a few weeks, it's been 11 years now since my last baby. I can't remember the time when we did have sex with zero pain, still in tact and tight. Emotionally, that's a different story. Exhaustion prevents fun; sleep is much sexier than a naked husband."

5. "It felt like there was a new wall of hard flesh inside my vagina."

"Once the epidural wore off, I discovered I had pain like never before. Apparently, in my epidural euphoria I tore pretty bad. Everything hurt and stung. I was told to wait six weeks to have sex. I laughed and thought, 'Six weeks? Bah. Give it one.' That was the biggest 'NOPE' my body ever gave me. It literally felt like there was a new wall of hard flesh right inside my vagina that was blocking anything and everything from getting in.

All I knew was that I now hated sex and had zero desire to ever do it ever again. My own body had built a Great Wall. What the f*ck? A few months later, the wall shifted to the side. I could have sex but it sucked and I hated it. My fiancé told me it felt weird. Now, just over a year later, I was finally able to have some fun sex, no lube or faking required."

6. "It felt like my hymen grew back."

"For months before the baby, we weren't having sex because I was so uncomfortable. My poor husband. Eight weeks later we got the green light and of course my husband was begging. We turned the lights down and got in the bed, laying there for ten minutes unsure of what to do. We started some foreplay and finally we got things moving. I swear my hymen grew back."

7. "I cried every single time for the entire first year after."

"My OB/GYN for my firstborn decided to do my husband a favor and put an extra stitch in when he sewed my perineum back together. I cried every single time we had sex for the first year after."

8. "Tired and sore."

"Sex after baby was more tired and sore. I waited three months. We're always tired, so we don't always get busy in the sack. I breastfeed so sometimes my nips are too sore to have anyone near them. Motherhood isn't fabulous but thankfully I still do it for him, even with the extra weight and saggier boobs."