This Adorable Rubber Ducky Doubles As A Very Naughty Sex Toy

He's a duck that likes to f*ck.

This Adorable Rubber Ducky Doubles thenaughtyduck

Happy National Rubber Ducky Day! (Yes, it's a thing. There's holidays for everything now.) And if you're an adult, chances are you no longer need this adorable bath buddy, but probably have one nonetheless, because why not?

It's always nice to have a bath buddy. But now, you can enjoy even more adult activities with a rubber ducky.

Introducing: Diddy, The Naughty Ducky.

Launched for the first time today on this commemorative occasion for loyal bathtub companions, Diddy is a cute, loyal companion in the bath, and as his name implies, has a super sexy and naughty secret: he's also a soothing 10-speed massager and sex toy.


Photo: The Naughty Ducky

"This product can help women who may be shy or embarrassed by owning a traditional vibrator," says founder Eran Weinberg.

There's no shame in having some "me" time with your body, and the Naughty Ducky isn't only discreet (so you don't need to hide it when family and friends come to visit), but it's also easy to maintain. It's rechargeable so there's no battery waste, it's 100 percent waterproof so you don't get shocked in the midst of using it, and it's made from skin-safe silicone for your comfort. 


So grab one of these little fellas and enjoy a soothing and sexy time in the bathtub. Bubbles not required, but you know what? You might as well go all out, so grab some of those, too.