Forget "Not Tonight, Honey." 3 Sexy Ways To Get You In The Mood NOW

Use it or lose it!

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If you want an active sex life, you have to be, well ... ACTIVE.  

You know this. We all know this. And yet, still countless couples find themselves fighting endlessly about sex. 

The two most common complaints focus on frequency of sex and how quality of the act itself. Stereotypically, men want it more and she wants it better. But sometimes, while the brain KNOWS sex is a vital part of a healthy, romantic relationship, the body misses the message and your libido wanes.


Most fights about sex are really about one core issue  attention.

Couples want their partner to give them the one thing they cannot get from the rest of the world — undivided, unconditional love and attention.

Sex shared between lovers who feel they are true soul mates feeds this need. Even if your guy is a "business socks" kind of fella, the few minutes he devotes to pleasing you releases a flood of feel-good chemicals and endorphins that relax, soothe and calm your mind and body. Sex is like Valium, a great massage and a good night's sleep all wrapped up in one moment.

When sex is  good, that is!


Yet, despite knowing its many benefits, many women find it difficult to agree to sex. They feel overwhelmed, too busy, stressed (conditions all soothed by great sex, by the way) and consequently push their partner way. 

"Not tonight honey." "Maybe later, sweetie." "I'm tired." "I'm just not feeling it."

Have you ever said these words?

I'm betting you have, because unless your libido runs the way most men's does, you've experienced a moment (or a thousand moments) where your body and mind did not sync up and you pushed away the one thing that might clear your head and calm you down.

Here's the deal: Sex really is good for you. There's tons of research that proves this truth. 


So, tonight, instead of saying "No," Dr. Pam Denton invites you to act AS IF. Act as if you are in the mood and go for it. Let your mind lead your body, instead of the other way around.

This is just one of her libido-boosting transformative tips. Watch the video above for all three and then ... DO IT (literally). Don't think, just do. By changing your everyday routine of "not tonight," you'll soon find yourself truly warming up to your partner on a more regular basis.  

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