Which Queen Of Pop You Are, Based On Your Horoscope

Free daily horoscope for Thursday, January 14.

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If you were a pop star selling out major crowds and battling the paparazzi on the reg, who would you be? Check out your free daily horoscope to find out which celeb should keep her eyes peeled for some competition... YOU!

Capricorn: You’re definitely known for your stamina and strength. Today is no different — you’re at 250 percent, and people are noticing your extra vitality. Don’t just sit at home! Go move mountains.


Capricorn as a Queen of Pop: Ellie Goulding

Aquarius: You’ve still got money on the mind, but don’t let it take over the whole day because by the night, you’re in a more romantic mood. Someone’s itching to take you on a romantic date… Let ‘em.


Aquarius as a Queen of Pop: Shakira

Pisces: This is one of your best days all week. You’re swimming upstream in your career, and that positive energy sends you out on the town where you’re all sparkle tonight! Believe us, more than one person will notice — and you’ll be happy they did.

Pisces as a Queen of Pop: Rihanna


Aries: Your smile is your best accessory today. You’re the popular kid around town and everyone wants to hang out with you. You, on the other hand, have one particular romantic interest and you only have eyes for them… Make your move.

Aries as a Queen of Pop: Lady Gaga


Taurus: All is well on the home front today. Use your positive energy to keep everyone happy and everything cozy. Netflix and chill, dear bull.

Taurus as a Queen of Pop: Adele

Gemini: You’re so ready in the mood to play all day. It’s almost the weekend, but don’t completely blow off work. Trust us; you’d be missing some good things headed your way. No worries, there’s plenty of time to unwind this weekend.


Gemini as a Queen of Pop: Iggy Azalea

Cancer: Your intellectual side is on point today. Reading, writing, brainstorming… now’s the time to do it all. Your brain is hungry for knowledge — feed it!

Cancer as a Queen of Pop: Ariana Grande


Leo: You’re on a roll with some work stuff. You know exactly what it is and what you want, and you’re trying to stay passionate (but cool) about it all. By the time the sun sets, though, it’s time to play it hot and get out on the town. Consider it a warm up to the weekend.

Leo as a Queen of Pop: Madonna

Virgo: You always work your ass off, but now it’s time to make things happen in your personal life. Something big is headed your way today; reach for it.


Virgo as a Queen of Pop: Beyoncé

Libra: Today, cocktail hour is happy — and then some! Your crew is in tow and you’re pulling in some new potential lovers. Let your friends screen them first; think of them as your real life Instagram filter. They’ll only let the best ones through.

Libra as a Queen of Pop: Gwen Stefani


Scorpio: Your powers of attraction are super strong today. Combined with your infinite confidence, you’re a king for the day. Enjoy it and rule benevolently.

Scorpio as a Queen of Pop: Katy Perry


Sagittarius: Today is definitely a lucky day for you. Be prepared for the flocks of people and options coming your way. Stay cool and calm, and you’ll know what (and who) to hold onto and what to gently let go of.

Sagittarius as a Queen of Pop: Britney Spears