Which David Bowie Song You Are, Based On Your Horoscope

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david bowie

We may have lost the amazingly talented David Bowie this week, but his music and legacy will always live on. Find out which of his hits fits you best, based on your daily horoscope for January 12.

Capricorn: You’ve been feeling the burn lately, Capricorn. But a little hard work never hurt anyone — especially not you! Your energy and health have been really strong lately. Keep it up. Rewards are in sight.

Capricorn's David Bowie song: Let's Dance

Aquarius: It’s another stellar day for you. From the moment you get out of bed, keep your eyes open for new possibilities in your career and love. You might be applying to a new job or asking a new Tinder match out by the end of the day!

Aquarius' David Bowie song: Fame

Pisces: If anything’s been bothering you and you’ve been holding on to it, today’s a good day to get it out. People are extra understanding and ready to listen to you right now. Pour your heart out!

Pisces' David Bowie song: Golden Years

Aries: Well, if you didn’t jump out of bed like a kid excited for your morning cartoons! Don’t try to figure out why you’re feeling so great, just go with it and enjoy the easy day. Couldn’t ask for a better Tuesday!

Aries' David Bowie song: Dancing In The Street (Feat. Mick Jagger)

Taurus: Look at you! You made it through to Tuesday. There’s still some tension in the air, but keep your eye on the prize. Keep pushing and reward yourself with a bubble bath tonight… plus tea or champagne, depending on your mood and who’s joining you (wink).

Taurus' David Bowie song: Blue Jean

Gemini: Alright, so Monday was a little tough, but guess who’s in for a great Tuesday? Things are looking up at home, at work and your dating life is on fire today. Keep that phone charged — you don’t want to miss a minute!

Gemini's David Bowie song: China Girl

Cancer: We know you sometimes like to hide in your shell, but today you’re happy to be out of it. The more open you are, the more understanding everyone is. It’s a give-and-take kind of day, and you’re on the right side of the scales.

Cancer's David Bowie song: Space Oddity

Leo: There’s no getting around it today: Your sex appeal is off the charts. If you’re already coupled up, make sure it’s a steamy night in. If you’re flying solo, no worries — you’re attracting suitors like no other. You’re bound to have a great time today. Get the kissy face emojis ready!

Leo's David Bowie song: Modern Love

Virgo: You’re so glad Monday is history. Today finds you in good spirits. You’ve got some good options coming your way. Swipe right and keep checking your email. A new work opportunity is on its way.

Virgo's David Bowie song: Day-In Day-Out

Libra: It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood for you. You’re one of the hottest vixens on the block, and when opportunity comes a-knockin’, you better answer! Oh, and make sure you’re wearing your fave LBD.

Libra's David Bowie song: Under Pressure (With Queen)

Scorpio: Is it Scorpio appreciation day, or…? Sure as hell looks like it, so break out the cupcakes and champagne. Sure, it’s only Tuesday, but you need a midweek break — and looks like you’ll have a handful of friends joining you.

Scorpio's David Bowie song: Never Let Me Down

Sagittarius: Take a longer lunch today and sneak off for a mani-pedi. You could use a little pampering, and if you can’t get the full spa treatment, you can at least polish up for the week. A fun but professional blue or green is the way to go.

Sagittarius' David Bowie song: Young Americans