11 BRILLIANT Apps & Filters That'll Make Your Life 1000x Better

Download these STAT!

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Have you ever been sitting at your computer when another story about the Kardashians pops up and you think to yourself, “Oh no! Not again.” Or maybe your Facebook is constantly littered with babies and you’d just like to see something different for a change. Well, now you can! The days of searching for coupons or spending hours deleting all those unsolicited emails from your inbox are gone. Here are 10 amazingly cool apps that will block all the boring, unwanted content from your life as well as make it easier:

1Don't feel like keeping up with the Kardashians?

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Enjoy a Kardashian-free browsing experience with the Kardashian Filter. Kim will get over you blocking her. So will Caitlyn Jenner, who'll be blocked as well.


2Spoilers, spoilers everywhere!

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Who just broke up with whom? Who got voted off the island? Say what!? Block all the TV spoilers you want from Facebook, headlines, and Twitter with Unspoiler.


3The ultimate baby blocker

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Getrather let's you block babies — and just about anything else you want — from all of your social feeds and replace them with something you'd rather see. Kittens, anyone?


4One holiday at a time, please!

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Fairy Godmother speaks the truth. Halloween and Christmas don’t fall on the same day and they never will. They don't even fall in the same MONTH. Start the holiday season whenever you want. Just install Ho Ho No. This app blurs out all that pesky premature cheer from your browser and stamps it with a VERY appropriate Bah Humbug seal.

5Sorry, not sorry

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You'll be Just Not Sorry when you write emails. This app identifies words that will diminish your message (like "just" and "sorry") and lets your voice come through clearer and stronger.


6Ta-ta Trump ... and fight the Force.

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Which one's the dark side and which is the light side?

Make your Internet Trump-free with the Trump Filter. It looks like the tables are turned. You're fired, Trump ... from my Internet.

Then there's that little old movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Haven't seen it yet? Don't care to EVER see it? Filter out the dark side with The Force Filter.

7Coupon on!

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The Coupons at Checkout app helps you find coupon codes without having to search for them. Once it finds a coupon, it highlights the coupon code box on the checkout page. Click on the box and the coupon is applied for you! 


8You've got mail ... the kind you don't want.

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Block Sender for Gmail lets you block any kind of unwanted mail and stop it from ever getting into your account. With one click, you can block any email permanently and it works for everything from email addresses, subject lines, domains, and keywords.

9GIFs in a jiffy!

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Boring emails got you down? Add GIFs with one click to any email with the Giphy for Gmail app. Your friends and co-workers will thank you.


10Adios, ads!

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Girl, we know how you feel. We get it, Walmart. You want us to live better, which might happen if your ads didn't keep popping up every 30 seconds. Adguard Adblocker’s got you covered on this one. This app blocks all types of ads on all web pages, even YouTube and Facebook!