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Which Disney Princess You Are, Based On Your Horoscope

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disney princesses

Many of us grew up watching the Disney princess' lives and romances play out. Chances are you've identified with at least one of them — and now your daily horoscope is here to tell you which princess is most like you.

Capricorn: Things are going your way today — and you’re feeling feisty. You’re in the mood for some flirting and fun. Find a willing partner and indulge!

Capricorn as a Disney princess: Esmerelda

Aquarius: All eyes are on you today, so don’t give them any ammunition. Keep the positive vibes flowing and let the haters hate — but don’t let them get to you. Be the bigger person today.

Aquarius as a Disney princess: Rapunzel

Pisces: Your spirits are high today and though the weekend seems ages away, today promises to remain tolerable. Today is further proof that it’s hard to get you down.

Pisces as a Disney princess: Aurora

Aries: You’re a hot item today, Aries. People are totally flocking to you, and you have your choice of dates: that Tinder cutie, your bff or even just yourself. Whoever you choose, make sure their company is worth your time.

Aries as a Disney princess: Ariel

Taurus: You’re itching for a release, and can’t stop thinking about that special night from a few weeks back (yes, THAT night). You’re ready for a repeat — make it happen!

Taurus as a Disney princess: Merida

Gemini: You’re a tiny bit on edge today, but don’t let it ruin the whole day. You know this will pass. Breathe deep, calm your nerves, sip some herbal tea and gather your wits about you. You got this.

Gemini as a Disney princess: Jasmine

Cancer: That amorous mood is still in the air. You’re putting it out there and attracting exactly what (and who) you want. It doesn’t get much better, does it?

Cancer as a Disney princess: Cinderella

Leo: You’re working the silver tongue today. Everyone’s on your side. There are some great opportunities looming, and you’re sure to bring them to you.

Leo as a Disney princess: Mulan

Virgo: Your first thought when waking up today was, “Why isn’t it Friday yet?!” No worries; you’ll get through the day (even though it might not seem like it this morning). You’ll be feeling more like yourself by tonight, so just push through.

Virgo as a Disney princess: Megara

Libra: All you see is green (and it’s not old Christmas decorations). You are very money-minded these days. Consider finding a savvy financial advisor and make some smart moves for 2016!

Libra as a Disney princess: Tiana

Scorpio: Your energy today is perfect for really committing to a new project. The stars are on your side and if you really apply yourself, there isn’t much you can’t do right now. Think big and don’t waste any time.

Scorpio as a Disney princess: Pocahantas

Sagittarius: You’re feeling extra diplomatic. Take this opportunity to smooth whatever issues you recently encountered with a certain someone. You have everyone’s vote today.

Sagittarius as a Disney princess: Elsa