15 Quotes That PERFECTLY Sum Up What Having Anxiety Is Like

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Say "Buh-Bye" to Anxiety in 2016

At every turn, anxiety is your enemy and not your friend. Anxiety doesn't discriminate; no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation or class, anxiety kills our spirits and hearts, and worse our health.

Make 2016 the year you say "Buh-bye!" to anxiety. You deserve it. How many more moments do you want to waste, thanks to that b*tch anxiety?

1. Anxiety is your enemy.

Anxiety will not help you succeed, nor does anxiety nurture your spirit or care about how badly you slept or ate that day. Anxiety is a soul-sucking parasite.

2. It helps to have a sense of humor about it.

Poking fun at your panic attacks might just help them go away for good.

3. Savor the calm moments.

You need to cherish the moments in which you feel calm and content, and relish these moments. Pay attention to them. Why do you feel peaceful? Is there something you can do to feel that peace again?

4. There are ways to curb those panic attacks.

Do something to help your anxiety whether it's exercise, medication, therapy, or all three. How much longer do you want to miss out on life?

5. Realize that YOU are in charge, not anxiety.

Anxiety has a way of calling all your shots. When you make a decision, ask yourself: "Am I doing this to relieve my anxiety? Is my choice rooted in fear?"


6. Ask yourself if it's worth it to worry.

For 2016, ask yourself: "Is this worth my worry? My sanity?" So few things are worth worrying about, but when you're anxious you worry about every detail.

7. When in doubt, believe in yourself.

Anxiety has a great way of making us doubt ourselves, but if we just have a little faith, perhaps all will work out as it should.


8. Remove the negative people from your life.

If someone knows you're anxious and this person happens to be a negative person in your life, he or she will feed that anxiety beast of yours. Cut the person out of your life for good.

9. Use your time to create instead of worry.

Instead of spending your time in a panic, what could you do with that time instead? What could be created? Even still, can you use your anxiety to fuel creation? I think, yes!


10. You may be responsible for feeding the beast.

Sometimes we're our own worst enemy simply by worrying about things that haven't happened or by spending time fretting over what it is.


11. Before you know it, everything will return to calmness.

All that time you spent worrying, was it worth it? Do you remember what it was you were anxious about?


12. We sometimes build our own reality to escape.

Our anxiety often creates problems that wouldn't have existed without our help.

13. Realize that you can't control everything.

Remember: you're only one person. Control what you can and let the rest go.

14. Anxiety can make you physically ill.

Enough said.

15. You're holding yourself back.

Anxiety will always prevent you from moving upwards and onwards.