3 Steamy Sex Secrets Your Husband's Afraid To Tell You

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By Jillian Kramer

When it comes to your sex life, your husband may be keeping mum on a few key issues. How do we know? Because we spoke to six married men to find out what they don't say to their wives.

Here's what they revealed — on the condition we don't spill their secrets to their partners, of course!

1. They worry if they, err, measure up. 
"I'm afraid to ask my wife if she really had an orgasm," admits one married man. "If she's faking it, I'd rather not know."

"I watch Scandal with my wife like any good husband," says another man. "Seeing those steamy sex scenes and how my wife watches them like a hawk makes me worry I don't live up to her expectations."

2. They fantasize about other women.
"I'd never admit this to my wife," says one married man, "but I regularly picture other women when we have sex. Like, every third time we have sex. "

"After years together, our sex life has gotten a little routine," says another man. "Fantasizing I'm with someone else keeps things interesting for me."

3. They're still into pornography. 
"I've definitely cut back since we got married, but I still watch porn," says one married man. "I'd say I watch it twice a month."

"My wife asked me to stop watching porn once we got married, and I agreed," says another. "But I haven't stopped. I still watch it from time-to-time, and delete my browser history just in case."

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