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10 Things You MUST Know About Dating A Girl In Her Late 20s

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You MUST Know About Dating a Girl In Her Late 20s

For the most part, I'd agree with that whole "age is just a number" saying ... except where dating is involved. And particularly if you're dating a girl in her late twenties.

In fact, if you're used to dating fresher meat, you're probably in for a rude awakening. As in, you'll need to up your game, and be prepared to be called on your bullsh*t. If you're falling for a girl in her late 20s, here are a few things you should know.

1. She doesn't need you.

She's used to doing it all herself. She's got a trick for opening jars that are stuck, a step stool for changing that ceiling light, and she's gotten pretty damn good at putting together furniture that comes in 1,000 pieces from Ikea. She's used to not asking for help, so she won't.

If you want to lend her a hand, don't ask her. Just reach up and change that light bulb when you see her coming through with the step stool.

2. She lives a full life.

She's got friendships that date back over a decade, a job that's well past entry level, and hobbies that she's been at for years. It's not that she doesn't want to see you; it's just that she's not about to break her Thursday happy hour traditions just because you showed up and fell in love with her.

3. She doesn't play games.

She just doesn't have the time. You'll know how she's feeling because she'll tell you, like a grown up. And she'll expect you to do the same.

4. She knows what she wants.

If she's in love with you too, you'll know, because she'll be consistent. She'll text you back in a reasonable amount of time and won't be wishy-washy about making plans.

5. Her wild party days are behind her.

Not to say that she won't turn up on a Saturday night, but she's over the FOMO and will choose to spend the night in when she needs it. Calling her lame isn't going to score you points here, but offering to bring over some takeout and share your HBO Go password just might.

6. She'll be straight-up about contraception.

As in, you're using it, obviously. But also, how do you feel about getting tested together? And then opting for the pill or an IUD? Oh, you're into it? Are you sleeping with anyone else though?

These are questions she'll ask pretty early on because she knows what kind of contraception works best for her, and she'll want to get right to it. If you're uncomfortable answering those kinds of questions, you should probably put your dick away.

7. She'll tell you what she wants in bed.

Or she'll just move your hand or body until you get the hint. She had enough bad sex in her early 20s to know what gets her off and what doesn't. Think of it as constructive criticism.

8. She will drag you to a LOT of weddings.

Her friends are all getting married and she's going to be thrilled to have a dependable plus one to bring along with her for the celebration. Hope you don't have any plans this spring.

9. She'll occasionally talk about an ex, and that shouldn't freak you out.

If you're dating a girl in her late 20s, chances are she's been through a few serious relationships. So rather than tell you about the time she backpacked through Europe and leave you to ask, "Who'd you go with?" she's just going to straight up tell you. Not because she wants to set up expectations or draw comparisons, but because she has big life experiences that she wants to tell you about.

10. It's not going to be easy.

In her early 20s, she'd fall in love easily and put everything she had into it. But there's a quota on how many times you can love like that before you start to guard your heart, and by her late 20's she's likely hit that mark. You'll have to prove to her that you're interested in her for the long term, not just something for right now.

If you love a girl in her late 20s, she'll be the real deal. You'll be dating a grown ass woman who won't keep you guessing, but will still manage to surprise you the more you fall for her.