This Is What Baby Emma From 'Friends' Looks Like 11 Years Later (!!)

Photo: weheartit
 Baby Emma From 'Friends'


It's been 11 years since the most memorable 90s sitcom ended: Friends. With Friends, we learned to laugh, cry, and love.

We all know what the six main cast members have been up to lately. But there's one we haven't heard from in a while: Ross and Rachel's blonde bundle of joy, baby Emma.

Well, she's all grown up now! Rather, they are all grown up! Baby Emma was played by twins Noelle and Cali Sheldon.

Just take a look at these cuties!


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the twins revealed that despite their claim to fame as David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston's fictional baby, they have led pretty ordinary lives.

"I grew up knowing that I was on Friends, but I didn't realize the extent of it until I was probably ten," said Noelle in the interview.

In addition to being seventh graders at a public high school, the two are still acting on the side in small roles, but they do it more as a hobby than an actual career. 

"I particularly don't think we're famous or anything because we were babies, so people aren't going to say, 'Oh you're baby Emma from Friends,'" said Noelle. "But they think it's really cool because they think we're famous."

The twins, however, have never seen the show that connected them to such an iconic character, as their parents deem them still too young to watch it. That is, until they hit thirteen.