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6 Reasons REAL Men Aren't Afraid Of Intelligent Women

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REAL Men Aren't Afraid Of Intelligent Women

Study after study comes out and it's the same conclusion every time: men are less attracted to intelligent women. You can hypothesize forever as to why — it's an ego thing, or a control thing, or an intimidation thing. No matter the reason, it's insane.

Certainly, we can't help who we're attracted to, and biology is to blame for some of this. But how can intelligence EVER be considered a negative? I can think of a million ways a lack of intelligence can be a turn-off or harm a relationship, but not a single example comes to mind of the reverse.

A smart woman brings so much value to the table. A beautiful body is a thing to behold, yes, but a beautiful mind is what will keep you up at night, heart pounding in your chest. I guess insomnia is scary to some extent.

But otherwise, here's why you should stop running from smart women and choose mind over matter.

1. You fight less.

How many times has a simple misunderstanding blown up into a huge debacle? An intelligent woman, or any intelligent person for that matter, is better equipped to use creative problem-solving skills to keep everyone happy.

2. You have more respect for her.

Mutual respect is a cornerstone to any great relationship. How can you respect someone you find stupid? How can you love someone you don't respect?

3. She has her sh*t together.

Career, life, you name it. Smart women aren't floundering and waiting for someone to take care of them. If you consider yourself a smart man, don't you want a partner on your level?

4. She's WAY more interesting and entertaining.

There's sort of a sitcom stereotype of the Al Bundy husband who will do anything to get away from his annoying, nagging wife. But so many entertaining characteristics come along with intelligence: humor, wit, creativity, to name a few. She'll be better at conversations and surprise you in so many ways.

5. You'll be less stressed.

Smart people, because they have their life together, know how to handle what the world throws at them. And if they don't know, they're good at thinking on their feet. Less intelligent people have so many more little crises in their life because they can't respond to what life puts in front of them as well.

6. She's a HUMAN BEING, guys.

Why is it OK for dudes to be smart, but not women? If we value intelligence in men, why not in the other 51 percent of the population? If you find yourself frightened of intelligence because it's coming from a woman, you need to ask yourself, "Am I being stupid?" Because yes, yes you are.