6 Simple Things That Make Being A Mom SO Worth The Tough Times

Sure, some things really suck. But these little things make everything right.

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By: Eliana Osborn 

I do not love every moment of parenting (sorry, greeting cards/Olympics ads). Even if I leave out the special times involving poop, there are plenty of other, less adorable, "getting-through" moments.

When I’m staring at the wall trying to keep my cool when my 6-year-old is hysterical about the tiny bump on his finger, I attempt to channel some of the good parts. Because, believe it or not, there are good parts of parenting.


You may be struggling to remember what those things are. Are you in need of a reminder? I don't blame you.

These are some of the things I absolutely adore about being a mom.

1. Family Taco. 

You might call it a dogpile, but we live on the border, so our family makes a taco.

Two parents lie down, one kid goes in the middle, and the other one goes on top. Then my husband and I roll in. We’re the tortilla, squishing the meat. Little kid on top is the (alive) cheese.

I don’t know why, but family taco gives me hope for humanity.

2. Vocabulary. 

My boys love to read (that’s good, since my husband and I both teach English). When the kiddos use an interesting, specific word in casual conversation, I break out into a smile.


Walking stick? No way.That’s a staffSymmetrical, not about math. Agile, the 6-year-old describing himself. I especially love it when something is pronounced wrong — that’s when I know it came from a book and is being tried out for the first time.

3. Sharing. 

Diet Coke has been known as 'mommy juice' since before time began. My boys used to refuse a swig, saying it was gross. Perfect! Now, they’ll take a drink when desperation strikes. Less perfect, but they get into it — savoring the carbonation in a dramatic way that makes me smile every time.

My husband was dedicated to teaching them to share well when they were small, making them give him a fruit snack from each package. Now it is second nature — often for things I don’t want — but I love that they are better at sharing than I am as an adult.


4. Nerd Time. 

We sit around and read, all of us, stretched out on the sectional. If I look up, I very nearly cry. I feel a moment of success and savor the quiet, knowing it won’t last long. When I catch one of the boys standing around reading one of the periodic table posters we have hanging up? Secret cheers.

5. Ocean. 

I love the beach, but I’m cool about it. My kids can't help but show their love. They cover themselves in sand or seaweed, dig person-sized holes, and chase endless waves. No matter how long we spend at a beach, my kids think I’m short-changing them. Their joie de vivre is contagious, and when we're near the water, all seems right with the world.


6. Faces. 

I had mirrored closet doors my senior year of high school, so I used to sit on my bed talking on the phone (with a cord!) for hours, staring at myself in the mirror. Big mistake. I make a lot of faces when I talk, without even noticing.

I have passed the strong facial muscles onto my sons. One has great eyebrow and upper lip control (only on one side, of course). The other does creepy faces. They’re such dorks. It makes me happy.

Making small people and trying to keep them from becoming sociopaths is a helluva lot of work, but the good little moments just about make up for the stress and crazy that they bring into your life.