The 7 Types Of Rebound Hookups (That Single Girls Know WAY Too Well)

We've all been there.

rebound relationships get over a breakup

By Regina Gosney

So you’re going through a breakup.

Yeah, it sucks, but there are actually a lot of great things that can come out of a breakup. You’re able to devote yourself to your shoe collection; you may discover you’re really great at crocheting; you’re able to get all the puppies you want; nobody to stop you from buying that Moped you’ve always wanted. And, rebounds. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, really.


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So, here’s a sort of rundown on some of the most common rebound relationships you may experience in your quest to get over your breakup. 

1. The "You’ll-Do" Rebound



We’ve all been here before. Whether it’s been five hours, five weeks, or five months — you get to a point after a breakup where anyone will do. The guy with the coffee-breath and Ray Bans, the bartender with the tattoos, that basketball player you sat behind in class your freshman year of college.

2. The Level-Up Rebound

Like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce, you were really feeling yourself last night. Hell yeah. You scored a major hottie, a level-up from your ex. Confidence booster for sure.

3. The Virtual Rebound



You’ve connected on Tinder. His bio is hilarious and you find yourself opening up your app just to see if he’s messaged you back. He’ll ask you how your day was and exchange crazy stories about his ex with you. He’s a great way to distract you from checking to see if your ex has posted anything new on Instagram. Yeah, don’t do that.

4. The Platonic Rebound

Maybe he’s a friend you’ve known for a while, or maybe someone you’ve just met. Suddenly, he’s becoming something like your best friend. You love spending time with him, he’s funny and brings out this carefree side to you, but there are no feelings for him… yet.

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5. The Is-It-Love Rebound

Oh, no. You’ve developed feelings for your rebound. Rebound Rule 101, and you broke it. But hey, you never know, it could be love.

6. The Rebound-Rebound

No, not your ex! Absolutely nothing good comes from trying to make your ex your rebound. Yes, he knows how to please you, but that’s about all the good that will come from a walk down memory lane.


7. The May-As-Well Rebound

You know it’s time to get back in the swing of things. It’s not that your standards have lowered, but when Grandma says her new neighbor has a cute son, you’re having a hard time finding a reason why you shouldn’t go through with this setup.