Vaginal Orgasms DO Exist ... And I Know Because I Had One And It Changed Me

I've had sex where my legs shook from exhaustion but NOT like this.

Secret woman

I've never been able to come from penetration. I've known this since I started having sex. I've tried every position and angle to make it happen, but it's always been a futile effort. 

Now, this doesn't mean I suffer from conditions where I can't orgasm. Like most women, clitoral stimulation always does the trick for me. But without a toy or or long-winded manual stimulation, nothing works.

Even though I've had some amazing sex, there's really only one way I can get my rocks off: clitoral stimulation. I'm not embarrassed or freaked out by the fact that I can't orgasm from penetration; it simply isn't how I get off. And that's OK. Sex can still be great — and so can masturbation.


But it wasn't until I had a sexual encounter so intense that the impossible became a pleasurable reality.

Let me backtrack.

I'd been talking to Dave on and off for years. We became friends through social media but hadn't had the opportunity to meet. He lived in Rhode Island and I was in New York. At the time we started talking, we were 16 and had no way to get to one another. So we'd keep in touch through instant messaging or texting.

We also traded pictures every once in awhile. I sent him pictures of normal things, like a sunset or a pretty selfie. He sent me sexy pictures. And you know what I found out when he sent me those sexy pictures? I found out that Dave had a huge dick.


Aside from the sexts, we had a pretty normal friendship. We'd complain about our sh*tty weekend jobs and our love of music. And he'd often tease me about how one day, I was "gonna get it." I'd laugh, but I had a serious girl-boner for this guy and I knew that one day I'd make it happen. 

Fast forward almost 10 years later, and we started talking again. We were always friends on Facebook, but drifted apart every few years. Dave is one of those people you don't talk to for months, but can pick up right where you left off.

One day, I finally decided to make my 16-year-old wet dream come true and I told him I was coming up to visit. One four-hour trip, and lots of hugging and catching up later, and we were getting down to business. I knew from the pictures how big he was, but I guess I didn't realize how big.

The second he entered me, I felt like I was getting ripped in half. I've had sex with all different penis sizes, and believe me when I tell you that this thing was a monster. And that sexy, smug bastard knew it.


It didn't hurt, but I knew I was in trouble (in a good way, of course). We tried doggy style, and it was too big. We tried cowgirl, and it felt WAY too big. Finally, we stayed with missionary, as it seemed the safest for my vagina, and still pleasurable for both of us.

Eventually, I got warmed up enough where things were getting super-hot and he started thrusting HARD and fast. I didn't know whether to scream, moan, or leave scratches so deep in his back that I drew blood.

Things felt amazing. And then, I felt my legs start to shake. I've had sex where my legs shook from exhaustion but not like this. Before I knew it, I was panting like a mad woman.

"Did you just come?" he asked.


"Uh... I think so..."

Before I could even think about what happened, he continued jack-hammering me. I begged him to pull out so I could recover even a little bit, but he gave me that grin again. The one that says: I can do whatever I want, and you're going to like it.

And a few minutes later, I came again. And again.

I honestly couldn't believe it. Not only did I successfully have a vaginal orgasm, but I had THREE OF THEM. Once he came, we both rolled over and all I could muster was a "Wow."


Yeah, it was "Wow," alright.

We had sex again one more time that day before I left and I came twice. I thought I'd had some great sex in the past but this entire sexual encounter dominated any past sexual experience.

So, to all the women out there who don't think it's possible to have a vaginal orgasm, I'm living proof that it is. Everyone's different, but for me, all it took was a huge penis and some rough sex. And now that I know I can orgasm from penetration, I'll be visiting Dave a lot more frequently.