5 Things To Know About Derek Jeter’s New Fiancé Hannah Davis

Like the fact that she's SIXTEEN years younger than him. Yes, really.

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis Wikimedia Commons / Instagram

Now that Derek Jeter has retired from sportsball after a long 20-year career, it looks like he has finally stepped up to the plate by proposing to his rumored girlfriend Hannah Davis.

Notorious for being a prolific bachelor during his playing days, Jeter struck out with countless celebrity women before hitting a home run with Davis … and the 25-year-old model is quite the catch!

Jeter keeps his dating life on the DL, so no one is exactly certain when she stole his heart. Usually the paparazzi can at least catch celebs getting to second base, but not this time.


So while we tip our cap to the future newlyweds, here are 5 things you need to know so it doesn’t feel like it came out of left field:

1. Davis a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

And she was even on the cover in 2015.

She’s also worked campaigns for Elle, FHM, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, among countless others.

With such a good-looking couple, I can only imagine that if Jeter and Davis have a kid, it will be voted World’s Sexiest Baby.

2. They’ve reportedly been together since 2012.


Three years feels right.

You always have to bite your tongue when you see some celebrity couple met on the set of a movie shoot and eloped three months later.

Jeter and Davis: America lives vicariously through its celebs. You’re our next best hope to prove love is real … don’t let us down.

3. They haven’t set a date yet.

Alas, we’ll just have to wait and see.

But since Jeter is one the most famous athletes of all time, and Davis is killing it in the modeling world … I imagine their eventual wedding will be similar to the GDP of a small country.

4. He’s 16 years older than her.

She is 25 to his 41. Jeter was alive during the Vietnam War, and Davis doesn’t know what life was like before the internet existed.


It’s not the craziest age gap, but you’ve got to wonder how that affects their relationship. We mean that more in a curious way, not a judgmental one.

5. He asked her parents’ permission.

Quite the display of old-fashioned chivalry. This one either makes you “aww” or roll your eyes at the silly, outdated nature of the tradition.


Either way, everyone apparently said yes.

I wonder what the dynamic is like when you’re old enough to legitimately be friends with your girlfriend’s parents.