12 Beautiful Reasons You'll Never Fall Out Love With ... Love

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Never Fall Out Of Love With Love

Eventually, we fall out of love with someone, whether they're the ones who shattered our hearts or the blame stains our hands. Eventually, the pain trickles away and the days don't begin with longing. Eventually, we find ourselves again.

But we never fall out of love with love.

We find pleasure in being single and having no one to answer to. We enjoy the first dates, the impulsive trips and the innocent flirting behind a vodka tonic. We revel in having the whole bed to ourselves and having no one to question our decisions. We get to know the person in our reflections versus changing for someone who may not see us for who we really are.

But we never fall out of love with love. We will always need it. We will always want it. We will live out the rest of our days grabbing for it wherever it may be.

We'll have a constant urge for something more than just belonging, for something more than just completion. We'll grab for someone just as broken as us, whose pieces amid ours will be the world's most imperfect masterpiece. We need that unexpected eruption of disillusioned perfection that brings peace and chaos into our world. We need to have our hearts lit on fire until we're illuminating cities with the light that love brings out of us.

We need love. We need to see heaven behind someone's eyes. We need to hear that one voice that soothes every wrecked piece of our souls. We need love, even if we don't need whomever we thought it was with.

So we rejoice in singleness, in independence, and in our desire to be free. But we're on a constant and indirect path to finding our destiny. It's what we crave deep within our veins and require in the tiniest crevices of our hearts.

We blindly hope, even if we don't admit it. One day, we won't miss a person, but we'll miss what we thought they were. We'll silently pray we'll see it, that something, in someone else. And here's what would happen if we ever did fall out of love with love:

1. You miss getting your breath stuck in your throat because your lips touching theirs have convinced your mind that you're momentarily invincible.

2. You miss having someone to tell every waking moment to, no matter how mundane or ludicrous it may be. Someone who's an open ear to our brimming hearts.

3. You miss the chills that climb up your skin before they even touch you, and how their hands exist as the only compass to the map of your body.

4. You miss the laughter that lives on the tips of your tongue because they can so easily bring you up when you're so unrightfully down.

5. You miss the ease — the ease that comes with loving someone without doubts, or fears or insecurities. The ease that makes living ... easy.

6. You miss the dreams that don't seem imaginary. You miss making the plans that would shape the lines on your palms and fill the walls of your future homes with memories between frames.

7. You miss someone knowing your secrets, but never using them against you; instead, they know just how to treat you when your weaknesses are tugging at the heart embracing your sleeves.

8. You miss the idea that there's always something more. There's more to be felt. There's more to be seen, to be heard and to be taught. There's more to you, and someone promises you just that.

9. You miss the smell of comfort that somehow Fate stitched in the collar of his shirt. A reminder within a cozy scent that everything, however dire, will be OK.

10. You miss the night. You miss the morning. You miss falling asleep to the lullaby of their breathing and waking up to a smile warmer than the sun.

11. You miss being told that you're beautiful, because somehow, coming from love, it's as if it's laced with every star that ever fell and all the wishes the world has ever used on them.

12. You miss the endless exploration into our souls as you fall in love. A new twist daily and a new journey always. You're always absorbing more about the inner most parts of your heart and someone else's soul that somehow just gets yours.

We. Miss. Love. We may not act like it, and we may sometimes forget about it, so we search blindly. Sometimes we fall, but it's only ever a necessary detour to finding the real, earth-shattering destiny that was ours the moment we were born.

Eventually, we'll fall for the right beating heart and probably when we're nowhere near ready; nowhere near ready for its beats to be memorized in our every heartbeat.

We may be over someone. We may be perfectly happy single. We may be amazing on our own. But we will never, ever, fall out of love with love.

This article was originally published at The Huffington Post. Reprinted with permission from the author.