10 Reasons To Ignore Cuffing Season And Stay Single AF This Fall

Who needs a random warm body when you have a good book?

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By Cassie Ciopryna

The amount of couples around you seems to be more apparent than ever in Fall—which is especially noticeable if you are single and/or just went through a breakup. Couples going apple picking, on hayrides, carving pumpkins. I mean c’mon!

Don’t let these cutesy autumn-date photos bombarding your newsfeed put you in the dumps. Being single in the Fall is actually the best, and here’s why.


 1. You can eat all the comfort foods you’d like.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t eat whatever you want to while you’re in a relationship—but you don’t need someone to agree with your food cravings, or even worse, steal off of your plate. You make that baked mac n’ cheese and eat the whole damn pan, Jessica.

2. Fall Festival Shopping.

It’s so much better to go to one of these with your BFF rather than your BF. You don’t have to watch the boring tractor pulls and can instead spend 15x the amount of time in the petting zoo area.

Also, you go ahead and spend $40 on that little carved wood sign to hang in your kitchen. You know he was never going to make it or do a better job than the one this vendor is selling, anyway.


3. Netflix Binges. 

Cold outside? Why yes you should stay in bed under the covers and watch the whole first season of NARCOS. No one to wait around for or get in trouble for watching without him.

4. No Shave November.

 It isn’t just for the guys, ladies. Let that leg hair fuzz grow. And rejoice.

5. Halloween Hookup(s). 

Now you wouldn’t be able to end up going home with sexy Freddy Krueger from the bar if you were in a relationship now, would you?!

6. You get all the crunchy leaves.

There, I said it. No one else walking in your path and taking the biggest, crunchiest leaf from you to step on. It’s all yours (as long as you aren’t like, at the park or something where another woman or little child can take that simple pleasure from you).


7. Hocus Pocus Marathons. 

Your ex didn’t want to spend an entire Friday evening watching Hocus Pocus on repeat? I’m sorry, you just don’t need someone like that in your life, anyway. He did not put a spell on you.

8. You can have all the pumpkin you want. 

Maybe he just didn’t understand why you need a pumpkin spice latte, muffin, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin everything every day. It’s not going to be here forever! Now you can dedicate all the time (and money) you want to your true fall love—pumpkin.

9. Your pet is a better cuddler, anyway. 


Felix and Stan aren’t going to make you feel guilty for wearing the same sweats all weekend long or try to get you out of the house. In fact, they want you to stay home all weekend with them and drink all the hard cider you bought at the store last night.

Friends are welcome too, as long as you stay cuddled up by their side.

10. Boots, boots, and more boots. 

Oh no! You accidentally left out the receipt from Frye on the kitchen counter. All those boots cost how much?! Oh wait, no one is going to give you shit about your boot obsession because no one will know except you. Mocha and coffee are two different colors, OK?!