Prepare to Fall In Love With Harry Styles' 3-Year-Old Doppelganger

Photo: fanpop
harry styles

Even better than the real thing? Is that possible?

In honor of One Direction's new song "Perfect," we thought we should share with you this perfect doppelganger duo!

Meet Michael Rangamiz. He's a 3-year-old model with over 109,000 followers on Instagram. And just by looking at him, we know why. Not only is he just too adorable for words — he also looks just like Harry Styles.

Here he is, rocking these sunglasses.

And he can make a simple black shirt look like high fashion, just like Harry Styles!

In fact, he might even pull it off better than Harry Styles himself. Just look at him in this fur coat...

... And in this USA flag headband. Plus, that smile is to die for.

He even makes getting coffee look good. Harry Styles might have some serious competition with this little man.

All photos: Instagram.com/michaelrangamiz

Who do you think rocks the Styles look better?