Ladies, This Is The Real Reason You Can't Find A Good Man

Hate to break it to you, but your approach is all wrong!

Ladies, This Is The Real Reasons You Can't Find True Love iStock

Tall, dark, handsome, rich, attentive, intelligent, perfectly in shape ... when you picture the man of your dreams, he's all of these things, right? Most women looking for true love know exactly what they want. In fact, one survey found out just how specific the desired qualities are on both women and men's lists. 

But knowing what you want and finding it are two different things. 

If you haven't found your dream guy just yet — you're not alone. Millions of single women just can't find "the one," and it isn't because they aren't looking.


So, to help you figure out how to make your fantasy a reality, dating coach "Know It All" Nancy Nichols is here with a straight-shooting heart-to-heart talk you need to hear. In the Quickies video above, she explains why you're struggling to land the man of your dreams. And, you can believe she's heard it ALL from women who say they want a committed relationship but are actually sabotaging their chances at success. 

Nancy tackles the topic from the following angles:

  • Knowing when high standards morph into unrealistic expectations
  • Whether you should even bother writing a fantasy list about your ideal guy
  • The difference between settling and keeping an open mind 

Are great men out there?


Of course! And, plenty of them. 

Wanting a wonderful man to love (and feel loved by) is a goal worth pursuing. Who doesn't want someone they love beside them for the rest of their life? 

But if you're struggling to find that great man you really want to spend the rest of your life with, the problem may not just be the men you're dating. There's likely something off with you, too ... in your approach, in your mindset, and in your expectations. 

So listen to Nancy's wise advice in the video above and then take a hard look at your approach to bringing love into your life. You might realize you're blocking it more than you're welcoming it in. But that's OK. Now that you know better, you can do better. 

And if you need extra support in that effort, reach out to Nancy. She'd love to help you get out of your own way so that true love can find you. Contact her through her YourTango Experts page.