23 Things You Totally Forgot You Were Obsessed With In The 2000s

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A throwback to jean mini skirts and Kate Spade backpacks.

Calling all 20-somethings who were in high school during the early 2000s! This article was written just for you. 

In a time where AOL instant messenger and Hollister were all the rage, you grew up on the cusp of the Internet era, which means that while your away message were carefully constructed to perfection, it was still important to get outside and play with your friends (even if you were just drinking Mike's Hard Lemonades and smoking Black & Milds).

This is pretty much what it was like growing up in the early 2000s. 

There are many things you'll never forget about high school during this time, like the fact that you were in high school when Mean Girls rolled into theaters, or that before the Whip/Nae Nae, you would "Walk It Out" with DJ Unk. If you weren't listening to rap in the early 2000s, you may have been hanging out at Warped Tour with Panic! At The Disco. 

However, there are some things most of us were obsessed with that we probably forgot all about. It's been awhile. If you haven't already attended your 10-year reunion, it's probably rapidly approached.

Now you can look back on all the things you totally forgot about. Here are 23 things you totally forgot you were obsessed with in high school:

1. Teeny, tiny jean skirts from Abercrombie and Hollister.
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High School 1
2. Being cool if you had a pink Razr phone, at least until the Sidekick took over.
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High School 2
3. Having chunky highlights. Thanks to Christina Aguilera, these were cool for a minute. So was blonde hair with black hair underneath.
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High School 3
4. Bebe rhinestoned tops, and Bebe in general.
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High School 4
5. Kate Spade backpacks.
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High School 6
6. Still being unable to stomach Malibu Rum after the amount you drank in high school.
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High School 6
7. Soulja Boy. Superman that hoe.
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High School 7
8. Customized ringtones for friends and family.
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High School 8
9. The invention of illegal downloading on Napster and/or Limewire. Thank you, Sean Parker.
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High School 9
10. The trendiness of studded belts.
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High School 10
11. Gaucho pants.
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High School 11
12. Louis Vuitton colored logo bags (the little ones).
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High School 12
13. Having your own phone line. Even though cell phones were a thing, there were still limited minutes and you didn't want anyone listening in on your calls.
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High School 13
14. The impatient feeling of waiting for photos to be developed, especially because half the school had digital cameras and you were still using the yellow Kodak cameras.
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High School 14
15. Spilling your heart and soul on LiveJournal.
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High School 15
16. Watching Laguna Beach for hours.
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High School 16
17. Lacoste Polos were pretty cool for a hot minute there, too.
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High School 17
18. The worst shoes ever: Rocket Dogs.
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High School 18
19. Not being cool if you didn't have the Tiffany's heart bracelet or the necklace.
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High School 19
20. All things emo.
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High School 20
21. Juicy velour track suits (or any velour track suit, really).
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High School 21
22. When Real World/Road Rules seasons were big on your to-do list.
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High School 22
23. Tanning beds. They were really popular, but so was putting a sticker on your waist while you tanned for a heart-shaped tan line.
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High School 23