Why People Are Posting Photos Of Black Dots On Their Hands

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Hint: It's important.

Who knew that big, meaningful things can speak volumes — and even save lives. An article in Cosmopolitan discusses The Telegraph report on the Black Dot movement for victims of domestic violence.

The social media campaign "is underway to make the dot a silent but powerful signal about domestic abuse," The Telegraph says. The movement's Facebook page advocates that victims speak up, and its goal is to "enable victims who cannot ask for help verbally to ask for help with a simple black dot, and people recognize this and help."

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The black dot is a subtle platform for victims to let their friends, family, or survivor groups know that they're experiencing domestic violence and abuse. By placing a small black dot on their hands, loved ones will know it's a cry for help.

Photo: Instagram/jesse_d_leach

Though the campaign only started earlier this month, it's grown to over 5 million supporters on social media. But not everyone is a fan. Cosmopolitan reports, "Some people have reportedly criticized the campaign for spreading the word without educating support organizations first, and for potentially putting victims in danger if their abusers see the dot."

But the anonymous founder of the group says, "the campaign has already helped many people, and abuse victims often know what their abuser's triggers are and whether the dot could be dangerous for them."

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Polly Neate of Women's Aid believes that the campaign may help those suffering from domestic abuse. As she told The Huffington Post, "The Black Dot could help some victims to communicate their abuse and it's useful to have a range of options because women's circumstances vary greatly." 

Most victims don't speak up about their abuse because they're afraid of what their abuser may do. A small black dot is, in fact, a small gesture that can save lives.