Oh, Jeez: There's Now Officially A "Netflix And Chill" Dating App

Tinder has some stiff competition.

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We all know what the phrase "Netflix and chill" means. You go over to your date's house to watch movies or TV on Netflix ... with the sole intention of hooking up.

It's obviously not for everyone, but if "Netflix and chill" is your idea of a good time, you're in luck because there's now a dating app for that. Well, sort of.

It's called TikiTalk, which is a date night idea platform disguised as a "Netflix and chill" app. It offers suggestions on where to take your date, with an option for "Netflix and chill."


The app also finds other users near you, and if you're both interested you can plan a date idea or location together.

Though TikiTalk completely free, co-founder Daniel Ahn weighed in on why he and the other co-founder decided to use the "Netflix and chill" angle to market their product:

"With Tinder, you have to swipe with every person. With this app, you literally open it, and you see who's around you. From there, you can send them an invite to Netflix and chill … There's really nothing else to do with your significant other — you're just watching Netflix and, like, chilling."

But most of all, Ahn just says he's having fun, which is what users of the app should keep in mind. So if you're looking for a good time with a rando you meet on the app, go for it (and also make sure he/she isn't a complete creep). Just make sure one of you actually has a Netflix account first.


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