Why Women Who B*tch About Their Husbands In Public Look Like FOOLS

You'd hate it if he did it to you, so why do it to him?

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When it comes to marriage, my husband and I have definitely had our ups and downs, but we love, respect and even like each other. Sure, after five years of marriage I could find some daily things to b*tch about to my friends or even complete strangers on Facebook, but I don't. Instead, I choose to respect our relationship and speak with him directly when he does something that pisses me off.

Lately, I've noticed so many women who find "support" from other women by publicly bashing their husbands online. Most of the time they aren't posting their grievances directly on their own Facebook pages (although I've seen that, too); instead, they're poisoning private Facebook groups that were created as a place to seek support and friendship.


I've seen one woman write a post about how unbelievably irate she was that her husband was taking a nap. How dare he take a nap when she doesn't have that luxury?!

Then, a snowball effect takes over. More and more women post about their horrible, inconsiderate husbands that sleep in on the weekends and refuse to lift a finger to help the exhausted and overworked mother.

Yes, as mothers we're all exhausted, and honestly, if my husband were napping all weekend I'd be pretty irked as well. But rather than letting this anger boil up in my blood and exploding it all over Facebook, I'd just walk into the bedroom and put the baby on his lap.


"Wake up and help me out dude!" Or you could even have an adult conversation and work out a schedule where you get to sleep in on Saturday and he sleeps in on Sunday.

I'm not faulting the angry, sleep-deprived mom in this situation for letting out her frustration to a group she feels she can trust, but I cannot understand why the comments are full of hate rather than actual helpful suggestions.

Commiserating with other women is healthy, but collectively trash-talking our spouses in the longest thread in the history of the internet just seems pointless and disrespectful.  

The worst part about these types of threads is that even those of us who don't agree with the original poster feel compelled to read all the comments, because husband bashing is like a bad car wreck. It's horrible and sad, but we can't look away.


I'm obviously guilty of this myself or I wouldn't be writing this post. I just wish that these types of public threads could be eliminated so I wouldn't be sucked into reading about all the little issues that complete strangers are dealing with in their marriages.

Before posting these types of complaints, consider how you would feel if you knew your husband was bashing you in some random online forum. You aren't perfect and have surely done some extremely irritating things that your husband could easily find hundreds of other guys to join in and bitch about together, but I'm going to bet most guys would never even consider doing that.

And if they did, you'd be livid. More livid than that one time he took a nap when you wanted to take a nap.