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7 Reasons You Should STOP Wearing Makeup In Front Of Your Guy

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The scariest part of any relationship isn't the awkward first date, or the intense puppy love, or the talks of exes past; it's most certainly the necessary vulnerability, the unveiling of yourself that comes with actually getting close to someone.

Cultivating love, respect, and honesty takes time. That means being up front with the person you're with about who you are. You've got to let them in and let them know what scares you, what inspires you, what you believe in, and who you are under everything else.

When the fancy dinner date dress comes off, you have to be comfortable with yourself, because what you show your partner is exactly what they'll see. Essentially, if you show them nothing, they won't see anything worth sticking around for.

People fall in sustainable love with humans, not ideas. So, here's why removing your makeup in front of your partner is way more important than you think.

1. By going au natural, you let someone love you for you.

Removing your makeup when your beau sleeps over might seem scary. For my friend, it wasn't even an option (despite the fact that she was gorgeous and lovely). She was scared he'd see something that she didn't want him to see: that she was human, real and imperfect.

The reality is that those imperfections make a person whole. Don't stop someone from loving all of you, even your pores.

2. You're beautiful without the mask.

At best, makeup enhances natural beauty and is fun to play with. At worst, the makeup industry makes billions of dollars off of creating and exploiting women's insecurities. The reality is that who you are is beautiful enough already.

Makeup is a mask, a mask that comes off at the end of the day to reveal the smart, inspiring, wonderful person that you are. Your favorite MAC lip color doesn't define you. It can help express who you are, but ultimately, YOU define you. And that's worth showing off.

3. When you wear makeup all the time, it says, "I'm not ready to be honest."

After a long night, don't you just want to get all that black, gooey stuff off of your face? Sure, you might have a bit of a breakout, but as Marilyn Monroe said, if your partner can't handle you at your "worst," then they don't deserve you at your best.

Show your lover that you're ready to be serious with them, that you've moved on from the "show only your best side" phase. Because no relationship can ever sustain itself on that forever ... except maybe in Twilight.

4. Confidence is an aphrodisiac.

There's nothing sexier than someone who's comfortable in their own skin. Whether that means taking off your spanks, forgetting to shave, or taking your makeup off, being in love with yourself vibrates with energy, and that energy is contagious.

Your makeup is nothing but an accessory (not a crutch), so wear it sometimes but remember that to love you is to love all of you.

5. Your tiny little "flaws" make you look way hotter.

Makeup can be fun, sexy, and transformative. But makeup isn't always the "savior" we think of it as. The way your freckles dust over your nose is probably super sexy. And your long, light lashes make your eyes stand out.

Also, your natural lip color is probably a veritable reminder of that post-sex, lip-bitten look, so why not show it off? 

6. Falling asleep with makeup on is gross.

What's scarier than going without makeup? Waking up with chunks of black and pink all over your face. It's just not a good luck. And if you're on a date, it says, "I was too afraid to take my makeup off," or, "My skin looks gross and I actually don't care."

Sure, falling asleep with it on is one thing, but don't make it a habit. Your skin will thank you.

7. It's a great way to fight the patriarchy.

Guess what sucks worse than lipstick-wine mouth? Someone dictating to you what you should look like. Fight that by saying, "No thanks!" What better way to stick it to the man than by showing your beau who you are, sans beauty industry pressure?